The kids are 25% German and it must be in their blood to love sausage

The experience

I had to smile a lot at lunch earlier today.  For some reason, this can give me quite the headache later in the day.   Unfortunately for me, or perhaps, the husband and kids, the headache started right as we pulled away to drive to dinner.  We decided to let Mina decide where we should go for dinner.  We gave her three choices: Indian food, German food, or Taste of Galilee (we’ve never been there).  Initially she chose Indian food, but after being reminded that she would have to eat vegetables and that the vegetables would probably have curry on them, she changed to German food, so off we were to Bavarian Grill!

We sat down right by where the accordion guy plays and Mina said “Oh goodie, right up front!” To which I replied, I don’t think he’s here tonight (since it’s a random Tuesday night).  The kids got a kids menu that they could color, which I was happy to see.  Unfortunately, my kids were not interested in coloring tonight and the papers were left practically untouched.  We had only been sitting for 5 minutes when Benjamin started saying “Dow, dow” for down.  No, Benji, eat first, no dow.  The waiter brought us our drinks and sat Benji’s right on his tray and I promptly moved it away.  “Too close?” the waiter asked.  “Only if you want it on the floor.”  I sarcastically replied.  That is called foreshadowing.

I realize I forgot the Excedrin my mom gave me in the car and Ogre offers to get it for me.  I down that with some soda and hope that relief will kick in.  Mina initially wants chicken fingers, but we are able to talk her into getting a “hot dog.”  We order that with red cabbage and spaetzle.  Ogre tells me that my mom told him that Benjamin has already eaten dinner and supposedly he ate quite a bit at her house.  We give him bread to keep him happy and decide not to worry about feeding him too much.  Normally I would get the Schnitzel.  I must say though that I like the Schnitzel at Jorg’s more than at Bavarian Grill.  Since we are in review mode, I decide to get the Leg of Lamb. Ogre, not being too adventuresome tonight gets the Rouladen.  He says it’s consistently good there.

We finally order our food I’d say 20 minutes after we sat down.  During that time, I asked Mina what she learned at school today.  Her response: “Uhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, uhhhhhhh….”  While we wait for our food and her answer, the accordion player guy arrives!  What a nice surprise.  We move Benji so he can see the show better and we are completely entertained.  He brings up a six year old from one of the tables to join him in a song and they do a great job.  Mina is laughing and Benji is dancing in his seat.   Mina has brought some easter egg that she put a bat on a string inside and calls this her “yo-yo.”  

The yo-yo

At some point she offers it to Benji and while he’s playing with it his cup of water goes flying to the floor.  “Uh-oh.”  Yeah, uh-oh is right.  Luckily, no one seems to care except Benji who cannot forget that there is water spilled on the floor and continues to say “uh-oh” for the next 20 minutes.   The food arrives and Mina starts in on her Vienna sausage that’s, like, a foot long.  I give Benji the applesauce that came with my potato pancake and he gleefully spoons himself some food. 

The next 20-30 minutes of eating initially goes well, but things start to deteriorate as Benji gets a little bored and Mina realizes that she has quite a bit of red cabbage to eat.  Ogre gives Benji some sausage and we all discover that he LOVES sausage.  He ends up eating a third of the foot long.  As long as we keep sausage on Benji’s tray he is happy.  Mina, on the other hand, is making sour faces.  I am making sour faces because we’ve been in this restaurant for over an hour now and I still have a headache.  Ogre orders dessert in hopes that Mina will have eaten her pre-requisite amount of cabbage. 

We wait ANOTHER twenty minutes for the bread pudding to arrive.  When the waiter asks if Mina is done with her plate, I look over and say “no.” Ogre looks at me and says, “What are you talking about?  She’s done.”  Hmmm, really? Apparently there was some negotiating going on that I wasn’t aware of.  

Secret negotiations


Headache continues.  And I don’t even like bread pudding.  Ogre does, and he says the bread pudding is really good.  Mina, apparently allowed to partake in dessert, likes it too.  And Benji is pitching a fit if the forkful doesn’t come soon enough.   They finish off the dessert and now we have to wait on the bill.  Oh my, if we have to wait another 20-30 minutes I might take Benji’s fork and stick it my eye.  Luckily, my phone rings and I walk out to answer it (I’m on call).  By the time I get off the phone, Ogre has packed up the kids and we all head out.  Total time: 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Mina never did tell me what happened at school today.


The food

In Plano, there are really only two choices for German food.  Bavarian Grill and Jorg’s.  I must say that I think the food is better at Jorg’s.  The schnitzel is always more tender and the breading is better at Jorg’s.  The leg of lamb that I had today was served sliced (which I did not expect) and was “okay” at best.  It was a little tough and the red wine sauce that was slathered on it didn’t quite “go” with the flavor of the meat.  I must say, though, that the meat was not very flavorful to start with.  Keep in mind that I’m not German.  Ogre and the kids are.  They thought it was great.  Ogre said that the Rouladen was very tasty and Mina and Benji were able to finish off the Vienna sausage without any prodding at all.  They also ate quite a bit of the spaetzle.  I liked their red cabbage, it was the perfect combination of vinegar and sweet.  Mina would disagree, she ate it, but was not happy about it. 

The kids menu has a lot of choices on it including bratwurst, the Vienna sausage, chicken fingers, pasta, and hamburger.  No vegetarians, please.  These come with their choice of any two sides (like the adult entrees). 


The service

Ogre calls it “European style dining.”  I call it “We were there way too long.”   I kept wondering if the waiter had forgotten about us.  Since I noted that the people who sat at about the same time we sat down were still there when we left and they had different waitstaff, I suppose he is right.  So keep in mind that if you come to this restaurant, you might be there for many hours. 


The kids

Ogre also said that if I was more annoyed than the kids that we were there for so long it must be kid friendly.  I suppose.  I don’t know if a lot of kids could handle that and Benji did get testy at times.  Ogre may not have recalled that he spent quite a bit of time with coasters over his eyes playing peek-a-boo with Benji and I know I said “choo-choo” quite a bit and must’ve pointed at the train that circled overhead at least 50 times. 

Peek-a-boo with coasters

That’s a lot of hard work to keep kids entertained!  The accordion player was very lively and the kids definitely enjoyed that.  He is a definite perk!  It seems like everytime we’re there it’s the same guy, but I just looked at the schedule on their website and there are a few musicians that rotate through, but there is live music every night that they are open.  Do not make the mistake of showing up on Sunday or Monday, they are closed those days!

Total price: 68.56 (includes one gigantic beer)



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