The experience

DSC_0435Santa brought Mina the cutest little stocking stuffer: training chopsticks with a cute pink girl as the trainer!  I thought she would think it was fun to have Chinese tonight.  We picked the kids up from Lolo’s house and I did not even tell her we were eating Chinese BBQ or that I brought her chopsticks.  She asked where we eating dinner and I replied, “3-6-9,” she said, “Aww, I want to eat First Chinese BBQ!”  (She had no idea that 3-6-9 serves Chinese BBQ).  I didn’t reply.

We arrived and were seated right away and our drinks were taken right away.  Ogre had to take Benji to the bathroom right away for a stinky diaper change.  He said that he had to change him on the floor because there were no changing stations.  Benji sat down in his highchair and I was worried that we’d have a grumpy Benji again since he did not nap, fell asleep in the car, and we had to wake him up to change his diaper.

Luckily, he was immediately entertained with the chopsticks and we put our dinner order in.  I ordered fried dumplings while they were in the bathroom and these came out very shortly.  Benji immediately pointed to them asking for some.



We didn’t have to wait long for the rest of the food.  Next came the BBQ pork and then Benji’s favorite, the “doo doo” (noodles).  The waitress thought it was really cute when Benji’s eyes widened and he started saying “doo doo” repeatedly.  I thought it was pretty cute, too.

Mina had to put away the DS that she brought with her again today.  For some reason, she was not in the mood to have her picture taken.  She did ask me to take a picture of her cute chopsticks, which I obliged.



Benji dug right into those noodles like nobody’s business and kept right on. 



In between bites, he was being very sweet on Papa to the point that I was almost jealous.  He kept asking Ogre for “huh” (hugs) and “kee” (kisses).  Both of which he is very stingy with!!



Mina also enjoyed the BBQ pork and ate some carrots from the Moo Shi pork without too much prodding or complaints. 

At the end of dinner, I ran to the restroom and found all of Team Phipps in one chair.  Benji immediately started saying “CHEE!”  and when I brought out the camera, the whole team kept cheesing for me.  Man, they’re cute!



The service

Typically, service at Asian restaurants is not that great.  This was no exception, BUT it was, in my opinion, above average for an Asian restaurant.  We did have to flag down, and I mean, full on hands waving, please for the love of all that is good come over flag down, a server for drink refills and extra napkins.

The tempo of food coming out was typically fast as many of the more authentic Asian restaurants bring dishes out as they are ready.


The food

This is a restaurant that serves Chinese BBQ.  The menu has both more authentic, traditional Chinese dishes and many Americanized Chinese dishes. 

We ordered family style, as we typically do at Chinese restaurants.

DSC_0417For $4.95, you can get 12, yes, I said 12 pan fried dumplings.  They were not the best pan fried dumplings, but they were good enough and were not disappointing. The pork was somewhat bland, but the sauce it came with it was pretty good -a sesame soy with a touch of ginger.


DSC_0419The BBQ pork was very good.  The pork is roasted and flavorful.  The sauce that it is marinated in is not as good as at First Chinese BBQ, it was more mild in flavor as far as the Chinese spices that are used.  I still enjoyed it quite a bit.


DSC_0420We ordered Moo Shi Chicken and I thought it was also really good.  The flavors melded together very nicely and the hoison sauce was very complimentary.


DSC_0421The BBQ pork lo mein was also quite tasty.  Again, more mild than the noodles we typically get at First Chinese.  Ogre likes the noodles at First Chinese more, but I thought it was just as good.  I thought these noodles were less greasy, which was a bonus for me.

No kids menu items here.


The kids

Not kid friendly in the typical sense of having kids menus and kids activities, but you certainly feel comfortable dining here with your children because it is casual.  I would recommend eating family style and there are certainly dishes here that are kid-friendly in taste.


I think this is a good choice when you’re craving Chinese BBQ…if you’re not close to First Chinese BBQ!

The total: $27.29 (with a 5 dollar off coupon off this website)

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