The experience

DSC00927Today I had the day off so we decided to take Benji out to lunch with us.  We decided we’d eat a quick, casual lunch at the place tauted as having the best Pad Kee Maw, which is Ogre’s favorite Thai dish.  We drove down to Star of Siam, which Ogre passed as he did not realize “Thai Restaurant” was the place to eat.  You’ll only see “Star of Siam” on the window. Once Ogre was fully convinced that we were, indeed, at the right place, we pulled in and headed in.  Well, I cleaned a booger out of Benji’s nose first, to which he replied, “good job, mommy, tant too” (good job, mommy, thank you).  Hee hee.

We walked in and were seated right away.  The hostess brought over a high chair for Benji.  Ogre thought we might not need it since we were in a booth, but I didn’t like how far away the table was from the seating so I plopped him in the high chair.  Ogre pointed out that on his side of the table he had maybe two or three inches from belly to table.  Obviously, we switched sides and then I decided that, yeah, Benji could sit with me on the bench and I’d put him back in his high chair when it was time to eat.


Benji was pleased with that.  While Ogre and I looked over the menu for formality (we both know what we’re going to order), Benji tried to play with everything on the table.  Everything was breakable, so I had to tell him, “No touch, Benji.”  He called it back to me, “no, touch.”  Then he eyed Ogre’s iced tea. “ice tea,” he said and nodded his head, “some?” nodded his head, “some?”  Of course, Ogre obliged.  After some stinkeye from me, Ogre didn’t give him anymore and directed Benji to his water.

Ogre and I were trying to decide between salad rolls and soup.  I really wanted soup, so Ogre ordered the soup.  When he did, our waitress informed us that the soup was complimentary with lunch.  Great!  So, Ogre ordered the salad rolls also!

We had soup while we waited.


It was a little spicy.



DSC00934We didn’t have to wait long.  The salad rolls came out with the Pad Thai and so I put Benji in his high chair.  In the background they have the Eagles concert DVD playing.  Every time they finished a song, Benji would clap like he was right there, front row, “YAY!”  It was a little strange to eat Thai food to the tune of “New Kid in Town.”


Ogre saw a guy walk in that he swore he (?we) knew.  I could not place him and Ogre never could either.  Later, I asked him if it was a friend of one of our friends that was at a wedding.  I know, random.  He thought it probably was.  Anyway, it was an awkward moment when they made eye contact.  Ogre just nodded his head in acknowledgement and looked away. 

Benji seemed to like his “doo doo” (noodles) and chicken okay, but his appetite wasn’t that great.  Mine and Ogre’s were and we gobbled our noodles right up!  Ogre’s was extra spicy so he blew and wiped his nose after lunch.  Benji loves to be like his Papa, so he grabbed a napkin and made a funny noise while he put his napkin to his nose and then put the napkin on his head.  (No, Papa did not put his yucky napkin on his head!)



I wanted to order some Sweet Sticky Rice, but unfortunately, the chef came over and told me he was all out.  He promised that he’d have some the next time we came in.  Bummer.

Ogre went up to pay and Benji joined him.



The food

This is more hole in the wall Thai food; they have all the standard noodle dishes, soups, and rice dishes.

We had the complimentary soup (Tom Ka), which was a little below average.  There could’ve been more coconut milk and less chili oil. The complimentary soup was vegetarian.

DSC00937We order the salad rolls, which we both thought were really good.  It was loosely wrapped, which if you’re like me and don’t like your food to fall apart can be a minus.  The chicken had a good, interesting flavor and it comes with a sweet/peanuty dipping sauce.

DSC00936I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai.  I know, very adventurous. It was one of the better Pad Thais I’ve had in town.  The noodles were cooked well, the sauce had a good fish sauce flavor that wasn’t too overpowering and there was a nice subtle sweetness that wasn’t sickeningly sweet.  Pad Thai is one of those dishes that has to come together just right: salty, sweet, tang.  This one came together just right.

DSC00938Ogre ordered the Pad Kee Maw.  This dish was voted best in the Dallas Observer.  Ogre thought it was definitely one of the better ones.  The noodles were cooked well with a


The service

Service was average.  Nothing to squawk about -good or bad.  Food comes out as it’s ready so not too much down (aka boredom) time.


The kids

It’s not kid-unfriendly, it’s just eh.  No kids menus, no kids activities, but it is laid back and casual and I don’t think they care if you bring your screaming or not screaming kids here to eat.

I thought the food was great for hole in the wall, casual Thai food.  Would recommend it for the noodle dishes we tried and wouldn’t hesitate to bring kids.

The total: twenty something

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