The experience

I picked up the kids from my parents and drove to our house to get Ogre.  Apparently, Dusty also wanted to eat dinner with us, which I never have a problem with, but always presents a quandary because he is NOT an adventuresome eater (translation: he only likes to eat burgers, pizza, salmon, maybe chicken?).  So, when you don’t even had a plan in place and you hear that Dusty is coming to dinner, I don’t even want to try to help decide where we’re eating.  Dusty comes out and says, “Ogre wanted me to see if Country Burger was okay with you.”  Well, I have always pretty much been disgusted at the thought of eating there.  Irrational, I realize since it’s based on the fact that the restaurant looks like a barn.  Knowing that I would have to come up with a suggestion if I say no, I said, “Sure, that’s fine with me.”

Country Burger

We drove up and were immediately impressed with the emptiness of the restaurant.  I thought, hmmm, all the Planoites can’t be wrong, but here we go.  We went up the counter and ordered dinner.  Mina decided she wanted to sit at her own table.  Fine.

I chose a table nearby.  Ogre got our drinks.  Benji ran around the restaurant.  They called our names and we got our food.  It comes in a brown paper bag…even when you’re eating there.  Weird.

Burger in a bag

I tried to let Benji sit in his own chair, but he was too interested in running around.  I think his tummy was still a little off, but I had Ogre get a high chair just in case.  He was fine getting in and picked at his food while the rest of us ate.

Then Mina pipers up with HER tummy hurts and she thinks she needs to throw up.  I think she was fibbing, but we sent her to the restroom anyway.  She came back saying she tried, but couldn’t.  I’m pretty sure she was just full from eating a snack at Lala’s house earlier that day.  But, I was still a little annoyed that she was probably fibbing, but you can’t prove that, you know? 

Benji was starting to get antsy and wanting out of his chair, so I hurriedly finished as it looked like everyone was waiting on me.



The food

Burgers, pretty much.

We all had burgers, except Benji, but he doesn’t count since he didn’t even eat his dinner.  Anyway, the burgers, in my opinion, where “eh.”  They certainly weren’t Del’s!  The burgers were not anything special.  They weren’t bad, but they didn’t have anything that made them stand out.  They weren’t charbroiled, they weren’t thick and juicy.  It was a burger that sort of reminded me of something I’d get at Sonic.  Ogre thought the burger was good, and Dusty was excited about the burger, but me? No.

Cheeseburger and Fries

The onion rings were very good.  Reminded me of Burger King, but better.  Nice crisp batter and the onion rings were cut thin enough that they weren’t soggy. 

Cheeseburger with Onion Rings

The crazy cheese fries were also okay.  Nothing spectacular.  A ton of cheese on top that hardened, but the fries underneath were pretty soggy.  I wasn’t that impressed.

Bacon Cheese Fries


The service

Counter service.


The kids

It’s kid friendly because it borders on a fast food joint.  Casual and laid back with a kids menu.  Food comes out quickly.

I didn’t want to eat here in the first place, and I won’t be back.  Ogre and Dusty will probably eat there without me.

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