The experience

We were very fortunate to have our very good friends in Dallas for a morning class.  We met mid afternoon in Allen at Celebration Park intending to let the kids play in the splashpark.  The kids mainly stuck to to the playground instead.  After a couple of hours there, we headed back to our house and started to think about dinner.  Ogre put Benji down for a nap.  Meanwhile, Adrienne and I thought we’d better head to dinner soon since they still needed to drive to her in-law’s house where they were staying the night.  Unfortunately, that meant that Benji and Papa would be staying at home.  It was just the girls for dinner and I thought we’d head down to Dallas so Adrienne would be halfway to her destination.  We decided on Celebration, a place we’ve wanted to try with them in the past but haven’t.

When we arrived, Adrienne and Mina needed to hit the restroom.  Of course, with a 2 year old, that meant we’d all be going.  There was about a 15 minute wait when we got there.  Going to the restroom was a little bit of an ordeal and I joked that we’d probably spent our entire wait time in the restroom.  We sat down for maybe two minutes and our table was ready!

The girls had crayons and a coloring page to busy themselves.  The night started out seemingly well with both girls happy and posing for the camera.  It took awhile for our waiter to even get our drink order and that would set the pace for the whole evening.




Kaili wanted to nurse, which piqued Mina’s curiosity and she had a lot of questions for Adrienne to field.  I think with Benji she was too young to care.  Some bread came out and we all tried the different breads.  Kaili had a mini meltdown about the butter, but Adrienne calmly talked her out of the meltdown.  I asked for more butter and although I got  an acknowledgement, I had to remind our waiter again when he came to get our order.  Then, when he brought the starter plates in, he said, “Now, did you guys want some more butter?”  I can only shake my head in awe.

Mina was busy coloring and then she and I finished the word find together while Adrienne tried to keep Kaili entertained.  She was  a little more interested in the shutters, which didn’t bother me.  Once the butter finally came out, Kaili was happy but then got a little to happy spitting it out of her mouth.  That was unacceptable and this was explained to her.  I really think she was just frustrated from our busy day and lack of nappage as that is what Benji would have done as well.  And as suspected, once she nursed, she fell asleep for the rest of dinner.

While we ate dinner, Adrienne and I chatted and I forgot to take pictures.  Every once in awhile, like when we got dessert, Mina would remind to take pictures or, actually, ask to take them herself!




We finally left and when I got home, Ogre thought I was “partying on.”  No, just doing a lot of waiting and driving!  Dinner took almost 2 hours and it was about a 30 minute drive, so we didn’t get home until 9 o’clock!


The food

It’s home cookin’ made from scratch and from local produce and markets.

For starters, you can have salad (tonight’s choice was a green salad or watermelon).  Both of us chose the watermelon and it was very good!  Mina had fresh fruit with hers that came with melon, grapes, peaches and watermelon.  Her peaches were straight up sour!  I told her she could just eat what she wanted off of that.


I ordered the Rosemary Baked Chicken Quarter.  It was just okay.  The chicken was  on the dry side and I guess since I don’t eat the skin, I was not able to really get any of the rosemary flavor…or any flavor at all really. 

Adrienne ordered the Pot Roast.  She commented that the carrots were excellent, but that the gravy had an alcohol flavor that she couldn’t quite place. 

Mina ordered catfish and thought it was delish!  She ate it all.

At dinner, you can pick three of four vegetables.  Our choices were mashed potatoes, black eyed peas, squash and broccoli.  Mina’s dinner came with mashed potatoes, so we opted for the other three.  I am not a huge fan of black eyed peas, but Adrienne is and she thought these were great!  I thought the squash and broccoli were fine -nothing to write home about, but did note that the squash was a little more mature than I like (very seedy).



The service

Not so great.  Very slow service today.  Had to request things multiple times.  Another server came out seemingly to help after we finished dinner and were waiting quite some time to order dessert.  She took away the dishes and said asked if we needed a box.  Adrienne did and….then our regular waiter came back about 10 minutes later and we had to tell him again that we needed a to go box. 


The kids

It’s kid friendly.  The have a kids menu and kids activities to color.  I will forewarn you that the portions are quite small. Mina’s catfish was one narrow filet.  She finished it and ate half of my also quite small portion of chicken. 

I was not very impressed to be honest.  This place gets rave reviews and it just didn’t do anything for me.  Sure, they can tell me the food is fresh and home grown, but when you put it all together it still has to taste great and don’t forget about service!!

The total: mid 40s

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