The experience

Well, today, we had to run some errands and, of course, got off to a late start.  We needed to hit Wal-Mart for a few items, so Ogre wanted to eat near the Wal-Mart somewhere.  We are really running low on choices in that area.  Ogre recalled J. Palace (actually, he called it Jade Palace, and swears that is the name of the restaurant and that they just didn’t want to pay for the other letters!) right by Cassis (where we got drinks the other day).  Sure, I said. 

photoWe arrived and were seated right away.  Ogre went a got a high chair for Benji anticipating that he would try to flee the table at some point during dinner.  He actually decided that he wanted to sit in the high chair.  We ordered drinks and then had to ask for a few minutes more to decide what else to get.

The waitress brought out those crispy won-ton things when they brought out soup for Ogre and I, which kept the kids occupied while we ordered dinner and waited.  Benji made sure to yell, “Doo Doos!” (Noodles!) while we were ordering to remind us about the Lo Mein.

photoFood came out as it was ready.  Benji was very excited to see his noodles and I dished some out to him while Ogre dished some out to Mina.  Mina loves Lo Mein also and was particularly excited to find a very long noodle and exclaimed, “I’m going to live a really long life with this one!!)  -My parents always make a noodle dish on birthdays for good luck and a long life.




photoBenji then found a noodle of his own and declared, “I lib long life, too!” (I live a long life, too!)

The rest of dinner was pretty unremarkable as we needed to finish up and get going.  We did make sure to check out our fortunes before we left.  Mina read everyone’s and Benji pretended to read also. 

Of course, we did have enough time to run by Cassis next door to get some smoothies!


The food

Americanized Chinese food.

photoI ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken, pretty common for me so that I can share with the kids.  It was fine, not unlike many other sweet and sour chickens I’ve ever had.  I don’t like this particular breading, which is the more hard/crisp breading.  Sweet and sour sauce was your typical red sweet sauce.

photoOgre ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Hunan and reports that it was “okay.”  That’s about all he said and I didn’t try his.  Sorry for the lackluster review on that one.



photoWe ordered Chicken Lo Mein, which I thought tasted great!  Not too greasy or salty with a lot of good flavor!



The service

Service was average.  Took our order, brought out our food, refilled our drinks.  Pretty baseline.


The kids

Kid friendly in that it’s laid back and casual, but there is no kids menu and no kids activities.

I don’t know that I would recommend this restaurant, but i wouldn’t NOT recommend this restaurant.  It’s fine for fast Americanized Chinese like most places are.  Ogre said that he liked Little Hunan better, which is right around the corner, but I liked the Lo Mein better here. 

The total: 19.47

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