The experience

Nico's Tex-Mex CantinaToday I was home around lunch time and was anticipating going to the dentist at 1 o’clock.  I asked Ogre if he wanted to have lunch with me and he accepted.  I’d be getting a bonus though as Benji would be coming with us!  I wanted to have lunch at Amado’s as I was craving their yummy rice, but Ogre suggested we go somewhere new and have a childsplate lunch.  Sounds like a good plan since we can have dinner at home tonight!  We decided to go to Nico’s Tex-Mex Cantina.  I warned him on the way in that it’s never a good idea to hit a restaurant that is the same genre of one that I am craving!

We walk in and are seated right away at a booth.  The hostess asked if we wanted a high chair and we say yes just in case Benji gets too wiggly seated on the bench.  He seems very happy to be sitting like a big boy by Papa.  They bring out the salsa and chips and Ogre says the salsa is “not bad.”  I tell him it’s too spicy and he says that’s why he likes it.  We start with the Bob Dip (a 4 layer dip).


Our waitress comes over to take our order and Ogre says he’s ready.  When I order my Lunch Fajitas, Ogre realizes there’s a backside to the menu and has to scramble to decide what he wants.  The waitress offers to come back, but Ogre hurriedly orders the Green Enchiladas

Our queso arrives and I request a small plate for Benji.  Ogre stirs it up and gives some to Benji.  This is some great tasting queso!!  Benji loves it, of course and happily dips his chips in the queso.  Ogre and I do the same.


He's actually saying "cheese"

Our lunch comes out pretty quickly, which makes me happy because I hate being late to stuff and I’m watching the clock pretty closely.  We give Benjamin some rice and beans and he happily dips his chips in that too.  Ogre asks for some tortillas that come with my fajitas (I don’t eat the tortillas) and Benji’s eyes light up at the tortillas and he grabs for some also. 

Then he looks over to see Papa with a tortilla hanging out of his mouth and finds this to be hilarious.  He must do it too.  My boys and their tortilla tongues!

Playing with Tortillas

We finish up lunch and are happy to have had a good lunch with no tantrums no huge messes and a well-fed Benji!


The food

This is your standard Tex-Mex joint with the standard Tex-Mex fare.

Cheese The queso was the super star today.  Well, the “Bob Dip” as they call it and it’s got queso, beef, guacamole and sour cream.  It’s really cream and really addicting!




Beef FajitasI ordered the Lunch Fajitas, which were actually very good.  My beef fajitas were very tender and well-seasoned.  The rice and beans were good and the veggies were nice and caramelized.  My only complaint was that the order was a little skimpy for the price.


Chicken Tomatillo EnchiladasOgre ordered the Green Enchiladas. He liked them well enough, but mentioned to me that they needed more “tang.”  I tried them and did not really like them at all, probably bottom of the list for me.


The service

Our service was good today.  She was attentive and our food came out at a good lunch time tempo.


The kids

I would call this a kid friendly restaurant by observation.  We did not actually partake of any of the kid friendly additions.  We didn’t order off the kids menu (embarrassingly, I didn’t look to see if they had a kids menu) and they didn’t give Benji crayons, which is understandable.  They do have crayons and coloring pages for the kids.

The restaurant is casual and laid back and we felt very comfortable eating here with Benji, the waitstaff was very sweet to Benji who was saying “hi” and “bye” to everyone he saw. 

The total: $24.85

Uhhhh, I’ve never seen anything like this…they have a myspace page instead of a website:

Nico’s Tex Mex Cantina

Playing with Tortillas

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