The experience

DSC_0237Tonight we were headed to Austin and would passing through Temple right around dinner time.  Perfect place to stop for dinner.  We drove out of our way (but not too far out of the way) to hit an old medical school haunt that serves THE BEST burrito ever!!!  If you’re ever in Temple, Texas, follow our lead and eat at El Taco Jalisco, you won’t regret it. 

We popped in and were seated right away.  It took no time for us to decide what we wanted.  The biggest decision was what to order for the kids and Mina settled on cheese quesadillas.


Right after ordering, Mina and I headed to the restroom, which are small and without changing stations.  Ogre had me all concerned saying that the bathrooms were a little scary, but the women’s restroom was just fine.  I can’t vouch for the men’s!

Our food came out pretty quickly and Team Phipps dug in.  I told Ogre that he seemed to have more sauce than I did and I was slightly disgruntled as the sauce/gravy is the best part.  He did offer some to me, but I played the martyr and enjoyed what I had.

The kids were behaved all through dinner and ate their share of the quesadillas without much of a fight or a whine at all.

We filled our tummies and then headed out to finish our trip.

The food

Tex-Mex, more Mex than Tex and particularly from the Jalisco region.

DSC_0242Ogre and I both ordered the Jalisco Burrito -that’s how good it is!  I don’t know how many of these burritos I ate while I was in medical school, but I still miss the taste!!  This is a beef burrito that is smothered in  cheese and a gravy that must have some valentino sauce mixed in it.  It has a very distinct flavor that has your mouth watering for more.  It is perfectly matched with rice and beans making the whole platter a gluttonous experience!

DSC_0241The kids had a cheese quesadilla, which was also quite tasty.  Both of the kids loved it eating their fair share without much prompting at all.


The service

Excellent.  The servers were super attentive and the food comes out at a nice quick pace.


The kids

No kids activities, but they have kids menu choices and it’s definitely laid back.

I’d definitely recommend this little hole in the wall for great Tex-mex food in the heart of Temple, Texas!

The total: ~20 bucks

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