The experience

Today was the day that Ogre would be spending all day at the office with Adrienne.  Tony and I would be chilling at home with the kids.  We got a call around 12:15 to “be ready” for when they wrapped up what they were doing and headed home to pick us up (we needed two cars to cart around all these kids) -we were told that they weren’t sure what time they’d be picking us up, just to “anticipate it.”  Uhh, okay.  Luckily, the kids were pretty well ready to go with just the change of some diapers, which Tony and I went ahead and did and some shoes.  We headed to lunch once they arrived, again, to the happening downtown Brenham.  We’ve eaten in Downtown Brenham at a couple of the other restaurants the last time we were here, so they took us to the place we had not eaten yet, The Bread Basket.


We walked in and were seated right away.  The kids were pretty content, no one was crying or screaming.  Mina had her laptop again.  We ordered our lunch pretty quickly so Adrienne was able to get a few items off the salad bar for Kaili and I ordered some onion rings, which came out and I cut those up for Benjamin.  Once again, the kids were entertained well enough that we could have some adult conversation!

Ogre commented that with the canned drinks, he’d need to order some iced tea or spend quite a bit of money on sodas.  Tony laughed about torturing Ogre with the presence of his coke and then made reference to the Three Amigos scene where they are riding through the desert and Chevy Chase is pouring water all over himself and applying lip balm.  I had no idea what he was talking about, but Ogre certainly did.  Later on, the guy at the other table stood up to pay his bill and asked us what we were talking about with the Three Amigos.  He said, “I was trying to listen to y’all conversation, but I had to listen to her [pointing at the woman with him], too, so I didn’t quite hear it all.”  The comment about “having” to listen to the woman with him was funnier, in my unwanted opinion then the Three Amigos scene!

Back to lunch.  Our food arrived and Kaili was pretty much done with her lunch already, so she made her requisite restaurant rounds.  She did, unfortunately, hit her head on the table next to us prompting a quick return to her Mommy for a short while before she was ready to explore again. 

The Phipps kids were polishing off the PB&J like champs and we ended up having to order another sandwich -they finished off that one, too.  Again, very surprising!


After the kids finished their lunch, we needed to get moving so Ogre could finish up what he could.  (Apparently, once he got to work on their IT stuff, they discovered a lot more work needed to be done).  While Ogre and Adrienne paid, Tony and I switched some care seats around so we could have one car with our brood of kids and then we all headed in our separate directions.


The food

I would call this American food or comfort food

I orderd a side of onion rings and these were actually really good.  The onion did not slide out of the breading and they were nice and crisp.  Benji also loved these!

DSC00504I ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich with Beef Vegetable Soup.  My Chicken Salad Sandwich was excellent.  The bread was toasted and must’ve been buttered as well.  The chicken salad was your basic chicken with mayo and herbs, no fru fru fruit or nuts or anything like that.  I thought it was great.  I was not as fond of the Beef Vegetable as Adrienne and Kaili who LOVED it.  I thought it was average and that the beef was not very tender at all. 

DSC00507Ogre ordered The Cobb Salad and thought it was good.  He said that the chicken that came with it was really good and there was a nice amount of eggs and avocados in it.  He was not so impressed with the Italian dressing as it just tasted “off the shelf.”  He missed out on the bacon and cheese -thanks, diet!!

DSC00506DSC00505Tony ordered the Chicken Tenders and thought they were excellent.  Adrienne ordered some kind of Cabbage Roll and she thought it was really good.  Tony also ordered a piece of chocolate cake, which they said was super moist.

DSC00503The kids totally dug on the PB&J sandwich, so much so that we had to order a second one!!

In addition to peanut butter and jelly, they also have grilled cheese or chicken tenders.


The service

Pretty good service today.  She was overall attentive and food came out quickly.  No complaints.


The kids

Like the day before, average kid friendliness.  They have a few menu items for the kids like PB &J or grilled cheese, no kids activities, but the restaurant is nice and casual and kids are very welcome.

It’s a good choice for a “home cooking” for lunch in the square.

The total: ~$32

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