The experience

IMAG0096Today was Benji’s birthday and I had to take Mina shopping so she could buy him a gift.  I also had to catch up on a good bit of work so it was already early afternoon and I still had to squeeze in lunch for the blog.  I went to grab Mina from school and headed towards Toys ‘R Us.  I called Grace to plan the schedule to get to dinner at First Chinese BBQ.  Knowing we’d be eating in not too long, Grace suggested Which Wich.  Sounded like a plan.  It was right next to the Toys R’ US.

We arrived shortly and headed in.  After Mina’s poor eating performance over the last few days, I told her we would be having vegetables on the sandwich we would split.  We narrowed it down to a ham related sandwich.  I told her we would either get a Cuban with mustard and pickles or the Ham and Bacon with vegetables.

She was very worried about the choices.  She asked to look over the vegetables and opted to request the ham and bacon with cole slaw.  That sounded like a good compromise so I grabbed the appropriate paper bag and marked our choices.  This was the first time I had been here so I wasn’t all that versed in the routine.  I would find out later I should have read the directions more clearly.  A bit complex to order a sandwich.  More novelty than a time saver.


I handed the bag to the cashier who also did not notice my impending mistake.  You would think they would double check it here.  In any event, I grabbed Mina some chips and a lemonade.  We then took a seat.

I noticed there was a wall of paper bags that kids had drawn pictures on with the red sharpies.  I grabbed Mina a bag and a pen and she went to work.  I meanwhile waited for the sandwich.  It wasn’t long before I noticed people after us getting their sandwich and I went to investigate.  That’s when I got chewed out by the sandwich maker for not putting my name on the top of the bag and I had failed to check the type of bread.  She was about to put it on wheat.  I had to wonder if that was the more common choice.  I would say that’s not likely.  And second, she was quite rude about it.  Third, she didn’t even bother to ask my name so the guy on the other end of the prep line could call my name.  I took the initiative to tell him so he would know.

I also noticed their soft drinks were a bit flat.  I informed them and either they decide not to do anything about it or they thought that was enough carbonation.  It wasn’t so I ended up with tea.

I finally got our sandwich and I headed back to the table.  Mina had finished her artwork and decided she wanted to hang it on the wall.  I told her we cold after we ate.


I gave Mina the smaller half of the sandwich and I pretty much at my half in about a minute.  The sandwiches weren’t that big which, in this case, was a good thing.  Mina seemed to like it OK and ate a decent amount of the sandwich.  I didn’t make her eat it all since First Chinese BBQ was her favorite restaurant and she needed to save room for that.  Her first bite she manage to fling a piece of bacon on her face because she couldn’t bite through the non crisp bacon.


We stopped to hang up her picture on the way out.


The food


IMAG0093We ordered the Bac-Hammon.  It was bacon and ham.  We added on cole slaw and cheese and that’s about all.  Actually sounded like a decent sandwich.  In reality, it was just OK.  The cole slaw was decent.  Needed more tang to standout in a sandwich.  The ham was totally average and the bacon was a bit undercooked for a sandwich so that the whole piece would get pulled out in a single bit.  Bacon on a sandwich should be more crisp so it break with each bite easily.

They have a ton of other options.  Maybe they are better than our choice, but overall a totally average sandwich.

The service

Counter service.  Maybe if less than counter service.  You have to mark your own order on a paper bag.  Wouldn’t be a problem, but they didn’t even bother to see if you marked the necessary choices at the register.  Then we had the rudeness because I forgot to put my name and bread choice and the lack of resolution on the soft drink carbonation issue.  Sub par for counter service.

The kids

No kids menu.  Older kids would probably be fine with the somewhat small sandwich.  Younger kids will waste food unless you split with another.  At $7 odd bucks with chips and a drink that would be an expensive kids meal.  Especially for a sandwich.

Total cost: $8 bucks

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