The experience

Collin Street BakeryWe were on the way home from Houston today and had a late breakfast, which was forced us to abort our initial plan to eat lunch just north of Houston.  We were still way too full.  Instead, Ogre awoke me from my nap in the car wanting to stop for sandwiches at Collin Street Bakery.  I think he’s always wanted to stop here and check it out since it’s been around for ages, but we’ve never had a reason or it’s never been the right time.  Today we had both reasons to stop.  I considered and he encouraged me to sit in the car and finish out my nap, but I didn’t want to miss a childsplate dinner, so I groggily got myself together to join the rest of the family for lunch.

I was actually the first one in because everyone else was getting the kids out of the car so I took a look at the offerings and went to find us some seating. 


Mina sat down by me and got to work on another one of those scratch off crossword things.  It’s like my dad has an endless supply!  Lolo had Benjamin and I told Ogre my order -a kids sized ham and cheese sandwich and the Tomato Vegetable Beef Soup.  Benji resisted being put in the highchair, so we decided he’d be okay to wander around the table while my dad went up to the counter to order. 

Mina smiling


Benji hidingBenji didn’t only wander around the table, he also wander under the table and climbed on the chairs.  He’s such a boy.  He was in love with the large Christmas tree in the dining area and kept pointing to it and saying “TEE!!”  much to the delight of one of the couples sitting next to the tree.  Thank goodness it was delight and not despair!!




Ready for ChristmasMy mom came back already having purchased some of the baked goodies and then Ogre returned with a basket full of food -our lunch.  A quick glance offered no kids sized ham and cheese nor was there a tomato vegetable beef soup.  Ogre could tell I was about to offer us some stinkeye in return.  He explained that he figured I could share with Mina since that’s what she wanted also and they were out of my soup and were in the midst of finishing up some Tomato Florentine as a substitute.  I told him that the kids’ sandwiches were made with Pecan Bread and that was part of the reason I wanted one of those sandwiches, but that I would make do.  I cut up the sandwich for Mina and me and took off about 1/3 of the meat because there was way too much for my taste and then fixed up a plate of strawberries, ham, and crackers for Benji.  Mina immediately requested some chips to go with her sandwich and Papa obliged.

Mina started eating the strawberries she stole from Papa and took one bite of her sandwich before making a sandwich of her own.   I see her making a strawberry sandwich with her crackers.  Interesting, but not helping her you must finish half of your sandwich cause.

Mina's Strawberry and Cracker Sandwich


Benji kept asking for “mo mo bebbies” (more strawberries).  He barely finished a strawberry before putting another slice in his mouth, which made me a little nervous, but he was fine.  Mina was being a trooper with her sandwich, which had a lot of things she doesn’t like -tomatoes, lettuce, mustard.  She ate it, though.  I gave her a high five after she finished off the tomato.

Of course, that’s when her consumption came to a grinding halt. She eats soooooooo slowly.  It’s totally ridiculous.  I took away her chips and rationed them out to her based on how much more of her sandwich she had eaten hoping that would be a motivator. 

Our soups finally came out, we ate those, my mom bought more baked goods, Ogre took Benji to the bathroom to change his diaper (where they do have changing stations), Mina went to the bathroom, and she still was not done with what is a normal person’s one bite of food. MAYBE two bites.  When she got to her last Mina sized bite, I gave her the chips back and that’s when she went to the restroom.

When she got back, she exclaimed, “Hey!  What happened to my chips?!?”  The bag was gone and there across from her sat a guilty Lala, who had eaten the rest of her chips.  I went up to the counter to get her more chips.  She STILL was not done eating that last minuscule bite. 

Speaking of restrooms, apparently it was spotless as it became a topic of conversation among Ogre and Lolo.  It was so clean that Ogre even took a picture.

Super Clean Bathroom


Benji was now playing with Lolo enticing Lolo to chase him and then hiding by Papa’s legs.  I could hear Benji squealing with delight.

Cute Benji

Benji and Lolo


We cleaned up our table, got our stuff together to leave and finally I told her to put the rest of the bite in her mouth so we could leave.  I finished cleaning up and walk out to the entrance where Papa was going to take a picture of her in front of Santa and she had her hand to her mouth.  I asked her what the problems\ was and thought, great, this is going to be a nice picture.  She didn’t reply and I continued out to the car.

Mina and Santa

Turns out, she didn’t like the mustard and it was making her gag.  And she can still take a good picture when she so grossed by the food in her mouth, she wants to vomit.  Good gracious.


The food

This place is more well known for it’s baked goodies than it’s savory foods, but if you’re looking for something more substantial, they offer soups, salads, and sandwiches.

The whole meal


I got a ham and cheese sandwich on bacon cheese bread with Tomato Florentine soup.  My sandwich was very good, namely because of the bread.  The ham was very thinly sliced and piled so high that I took some off.  It’s served with lettuce and tomato and I requested mayo and mustard.  The Tomato Florentine soup was actually very good -it had a nice, rich tomato flavor and the noodles weren’t too soggy.

Ogre ordered the Corned Beef sandwich ON PECAN BREAD (I should have had pecan bread!). And he thought it was surprisingly excellent.  Surprisingly because when you walk up to the counter the sandwiches are pre-made.  He said that you could request to have your sandwich custom made or made fresh, but for ease he just picked one out that was made.  He said he didn’t know where they get the corned beef from but that it had a great flavor and the bread was really good…I wouldn’t know, he didn’t even offer me a bite.

Corned Beed on Pecan Bread


My parents split a Pastrami sandwich and immediately remarked that it was very good after the first bite.  My mom had the broccoli cheese soup and my dad had the Tomato Florentine soup and they also said that it was tasty. 


The service

Counter service.


The kids

This is a casual, laid back eatery.  They have cute little sandwiches for the kids and the kids are surrounded by cookies and cakes -easy to bribe them for good behavior!  Nothing to keep the kids entertained, but you’ll be in and out of here in no time, so I don’t think it’s needed.

If you’re driving down I-45 and want a quick, quality bite to eat (sandwiches, soups, salads and a truckload of desserts), stop here, you won’t be disappointed!

The total: Not sure since Lala paid.


Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Apparently they have super tasty fruitcake here.  I don’t think I’ve ever really had fruitcake -it just doesn’t sound good to me or maybe it’s that they get such a bad rap.  Ogre tried some of the samples and said that it was very good!  My mom bought two fruitcakes here.  And some random guy from Sweden wanted one so bad, he wrote a letter to “Fruitcake,” Texas, and they got it.  Maybe I should give fruitcake a second look…

Letter to Fruit Cake, Texas

Since 1896

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