The experience

DSC00758Today I was having lunch with my dear friend, Carolyn.  Benjamin would be coming along for the ride.  We decided to meet for lunch at Thai Pan in McKinney.  I gave myself 30 minutes to drive up there.  Turns out it only takes 15, so we got there a little early. 

We were seated right away, and lucky for us, we had plenty to chat about.  After about 1o minutes, though, our conversation turned to wondering when we’d even have someone take our drink order!  Finally, we flagged one of the waitresses down and put in our order.  It was a long and tedious process.  As we ordered, she peered at our menus to write down what we ordered and we repeated our soup/salad choice twice, as well as our drink order.  Jeez.  When I requested an extra plate for Benji, we realized issue.  Our waitress did not speak English very well.

While we were perusing the menu and chatting, Benji was being extra sweet and hugging my arm, but that quickly turned to “uh-uh plee” (up please).  It’s hard to not oblige when he’s being so gosh darned sweet!  So, out of his chair, he came and sat in my lap while Carolyn contined to dish.

Our appetizers came out without our drinks, so we reminded her about that.  She brought out the drinks alright, but a totally inappropriate glass (and litterally, a glass) of water for Benji.  When we requested a “to-go” cup, she didn’t understand and sent over the other waitress.  Crisis averted.

I set Benji back in his highchair when the water came out.  The water was only entertaining for a brief spell.  And, let me also mention that he almost immediately knocked his drink over.  Benji wanted out again, so I dug through my purse and found a calculator (or a phone if your name is Benji) and Mina’s chopstick trainers to play with.  He was pleased with these items and Carolyn  and I were able to continue our chatting.



Obviously, chatting led to not very much picture taking, but to be honest, that’s about all that happened. Benji ate rice and chicken very well today and once we were done with lunch, I let Benji out of his chair again.  When I gave him a big hug and told him “I love you,” he hugged me and said, “Tan-too” (thank you).  Good enough for me!


Carolyn was kind enough to pay for lunch today and we headed out and to our separate ways.


The food

It’s your traditional Thai restaurant with all the usual suspects on their menu.

DSC00755I ordered the Pad Prio Wan with chicken (basically, sweet and sour chicken).  It was very typical of sweet and sour chicken I’ve had at other Thai restaurants.  The chicken is not battered, the sauce is thin and sweet and there are pineapples, bell peppers, onions and carrots with the sauce.  It is served with rice and I chose the soup of the day.  The soup of the day was Hot and Sour and I did not like it very much.  Hard to describe the flavor, but it was unlike any Hot and Sour Soup I’ve ever had.  Definitely hot, not necessarily sour, but did have some kind of off flavor.  I wouldn’t recommend ordering it.  Go for the salad, which Carolyn had.

Carolyn ordered the Peanut Sauce with tofu.  This is served with broccoli and she seemed to like it very well.  She also told me that the salad is good, so I’d definitely choose salad over soup if given the choice again. 


The service

This might be the worst service I’ve ever had in the history of childsplate.  I did feel sorry for our waitress who didn’t speak English very well as I’m sure that is very stressful on her part. I can’t necessarily blame her for the fact that no one came to even say hello once we were seated.  And I can’t blame her for being hired to be a waitress and interact with English speaking customers.  BUT, in addition to her difficulties communicating, I had to request refills and we had to request our check.  There was no initiative on the servers’ part nor was their any acknowledgement that there was a problem by the managing staff.


The kids

No kids menu.  No kids activities.  Not kid-unfriendly.  Hey, they had highchairs!

I think it’s a fine place to have a quick (I mean, not so quick) lunch if you’re in the area, but I wouldn’t seek it out. 

The total: ?? 

What did Guidelive say?

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