The experience

We were going to be in the West Plano area tonight and gave Mina the choice of eating at a Hawaiian BBQ joint or Zea Woodfire Grill.  Surprisingly, Mina chose “the woodfire place.”  So, we drove to Zea Woodfire Grill with Benjamin sleeping in his car seat.  Would be two nights in a row with a sleeping Benji??  Ogre was able to pull Benji out of his car seat without waking him.


We were seated right away, but she took us to a table.  We requested a booth in hopes of laying Benji down a la Saffron House.  I could tell by the way that Ogre was going to lay him down that Benji was going to wake up.  And I was correct.  Benji woke up and immediately started crying.  I had Ogre hand him over so I could console him.  He was pretty content with that move and we all settled in.


We put my purse on the table when we were dealing with Benji and Mina helped herself to some pens and scrap paper. Benji cuddled with me and Ogre perused the menu.  We ordered and got our drinks and then put in our dinner order.  Benji seemed to be doing fine and was not fussy at all, so I asked Ogre to clip on his chair and placed him in there. 

Mina started looking through my purse for I don’t know what again and then I hear a “splat!”  Ugh.  Mina’s Styrofoam cup of water was knocked on to the floor!  The problem with those Styrofoam cups is that they break on impact.  Water was all over the floor.  Luckily, it did not get the lady sitting at the table next to us all wet.  We apologized to her and she was kind enough to tell us not to worry.  Our waitress and some other servers came over and cleaned it up right away.  As the waitress took Mina’s cup away, Benji burst out in tears.  We assumed it was because he thought that it was his water they were taking away and both Ogre and I pointed to his cup.  But that wasn’t the problem. “NINA LALER!!” (Mina’s water!).  He was very upset that Mina did not have water anymore.  Luckily, our waitress reappeared with a new water for Mina. 


Once that crisis was resolved, Mina shared her paper and pens with Benji and they colored until the food arrived.  I dished out a little bit of everything for Benji and Ogre cut up Mina’s ribs.  He also shredded some chicken for Benji.


Benjamin was pointing at my coke and said, “want dis” (want this).  Ogre said that Benji doesn’t like carbonated drinks implying that it would not be a problem to let him try it since he wouldn’t like it anyway.  I should have known not to walk down this path.  I let him have a tiny sip and he immediately nodded his head and wanted more.

He kept crying until we went through and explain Mama Drink, Papa Drink, Tata Drink, Benji Drink.  He was okay with not being allowed to drink my Coke after that.

We all ate dinner and everyone was pleased with what was before us.  Benjamin and Mina both ate very well tonight!   The music was also really good.  It was a live jazz band and both of the kids were grooving!  Benji almost shook the table over!

Since the kids had done so well at dinner, we decided some ice cream was in order for the kids.  The waitress brought over a spoon for each of the kids and then the wait began.  I don’t know why it took so long for those scoops of ice cream to come out, but of course, Benji knocked his spoon onto the ground in the meantime resulting in pure devastation.


Once again, sweet Mina to the rescue.  Without suggestion or prompting, she offered Benji her spoon. 

The ice cream showed up, Mina got another spoon, and the kids practically licked their bowls clean!  We paid the tab, took one last look at the band, and headed home into the cold night (it must have dropped 15 degrees while we were at dinner!)



The food

I guess this is like the ultimate grilled food restaurant??  I’d categorize it as American.  A little more upscale, but not quite fine dining.

Prime RibI ordered the Prime Rib, which is only available on Friday and Saturday night after 5pm.  It was excellent.  It was prepared perfectly to my liking of medium rare. The au jus was slightly sweetened somehow and the sour cream horseradish sauce that accompanied it was a perfect compliment.  The prime rib was very tasty and the wood fire grill flavor was noticeable, in a good way.

Chicken and RibsOgre ordered the Rotisserie Chicken and Half Slab of Ribs combination platter so he could share with Mina.  Ogre ordered his chicken with the garlic and herb rub and said that it was well cooked and juicy, but that the garlic herb rub did not really add much flavor.  He’d probably opt for something else in the future.  Mina’s ribs were a big hit!  She ate almost the entire half rack herself, and that’s a lot of ribs for a little girl!!  The ribs were very meaty and tender and she ordered hers with the Hickory BBQ sauce, which she and Ogre both liked.  I had a bite and also thought the ribs were tasty. 

Braised Cabbage and Corn GritsWe ordered the Roasted Corn Grits, Braised Cabbage and Red Beans and Rice as sides.  They were all very good. 

On their actual kids’ menu, they have a grilled cheese panini, 1/4 chicken platter with one side, kids burger, fried shrimp or chicken breast fingers.


The service

Our server was above average tonight.  She was attentive and helpful, but didn’t coddle us.  The food came out at a pretty good tempo…until dessert.  It seemed like that took forever to come out!  Our drinks stayed refilled and she was very understanding when Mina spilled her drink on the floor and Benji dropped his spoon.  She made sure to tell us it wasn’t a problem and she seemed like she meant it!


The kids

I would call this an average kid friendly restaurant.  There were quite a few tables with kids at them, some of them screaming even!  They have a few choices on their kids menu and some decent (not so unhealthy) sides, which is nice.  No kids activities, so bring your own! The restaurant was not completely laid back, but it was definitely loud so most of the kids’ screaming was not so noticeable. 

I think this is a fun and different restaurant choice for the family.  The woodfire grill concept puts a fun twist on the food and you can really taste the difference.  I think you’ll be fine with the kids here.  If you come on a weekend night, they might have the great jazz band playing in the background!

The total: Around $50 but we lost the receipt

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