The experience

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful night so Ogre wanted to eat out by the lake in Rockwall.  Sounded like a plan.  We knew there were several restaurants out there, so we just headed out there with reckless abandon.  We ended up going to Agave, one of the first places we saw.


We were seated right away and were allowed to choose our own table.  The waiter came up, handed us our menus, got our drinks, and pointed out the kids menu item in very smooth fashion.

We looked over the menu and the waiter returned with our drinks apologizing that they did not have any lids that fit the cups or kids cups.  I told him that we didn’t care as long as he didn’t care about cleaning up a spilled drinks.  He said he didn’t mind.

We put in our salad and the kids dinner order and went back to deciding what we’d eat for dinner.  We decided we go with tapas and when he waiter returned, we asked him for help on decisions.

He was very honest and steered us away from the Beef Short Ribs and towards the Mussels.  fair enough.  We put the dinner order in.

Benji was very, very proud of his big boy cup.  His favorite restaurants are the ones where they don’t happen to have kids cups.


Mina was enjoying the tunes overhead and we were all dancing at the table.DSC_0240

The kids food and our salads came out pretty quickly and we served that up for the kids.  Benji stuffed his face with fries and Mina really seemed to enjoy the burger.

Benji noticed overhead the arbor and called it “Danger” because they looked like big knives.


I muddled through my salad and eventually gave up.  The waiter did take note when he took it away and asked me about it.  I honestly answered that it wasn’t very good.

Next out came our tapas.  We gave Benji some ham and he promptly dropped it into his glass and then started saying, “want it!” and crying.  We were able to reason with him to just eat a new piece and forget about the gross ham sitting in his glass.

Ogre and I ate the tapas, I sort of muddled through that as well.  Actually, I took one bite of the shrimp and could not muster a second bite. I initially told Ogre it tasted like it had been marinated in cleaning products, but was able to narrow the taste to the smell of a Brillo pad.  Not appealing.

Then he was playing with his straw and it fell onto the ground.  He was very distraught and cried to me, “Mommy, you!”  He wanted me to get the straw.  I tried to reason with him again that the straw was dirty and “all gone” and even gave him my straw, but he was still very upset.  He finally forgot about the gosh darned thing, I think because it was about time to order dessert.


We ordered dessert and it came out with my concern that the cookie would be too hot (we ordered a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream, served warm).  Turns out it was not hot, it was barely warm.  And it also was not very good.  Well, Ogre and I thought that it wasn’t very good.  The kids loved it, particularly Benji who did not let anyone’s spoon go untouched.


Anyway, once the kids ate a good bit of dessert, we decided we better settle up and get going before I reached the pinnacle of restaurant food disappointment.

The food

Um, I don’t know how to categorize the food here.  Schizophrenic?  They had some regular American style dishes that were beefed up like Kobe burgers and they had some fish entrees, but then they had tapas that had an Asian flare.  I don’t know.

DSC_0250We ordered salads to start.  I ordered the Spinach Salad.  It was described as having spinach with apples and candied pecans with a Dijon vinaigrette.  Sounds good, right?  Wrong.  The dressing was very creamy and rich and there was way too much.  I purposefully didn’t toss the salad so that I could get the spinach leaves with no dressing at all and slightly dip it in the totally covered areas.  To be fair, Ogre thought that it tasted good.

DSC_0251Ogre ordered the Caesar Salad, the not very traditional Caesar Salad because it had some kind of Red Pepper Caeasar Dressing.  I didn’t like this salad either.  The dressing was too “hearty.”  Again, Ogre liked the salad just fine.

We ordered 3 tapas:

DSC_0258The Charcutterie, which came with manchego cheese, bread, serrano ham, and 2 types of salami (chorizo and lomo).  This dish was fine.  The kids also liked the meats and cheese.  The bread was really good and probably the best part.

DSC_0255The Jumbo Mussels which came with some type of orange juice/butter broth.  This tasted fine, but the mussels were dry.  The broth was very good.  Thank goodness since I couldn’t eat the Shrimp.

DSC_0259I actually was the one who requested the Thai Shrimp.  Described as being grilled with a coconut/peanut/terriyaki sauce.  I thought this sounded great!  Apparently that combination of flavors ends up tasting like the smell of a Brillo pad.  I could not even bring myself to eat the second bite of my shrimp.  Again, Ogre thought it tasted fine, but overall, did not think it was great.

Ogre also ordered some olives and these were probably fine.

The kids burger and fries seemed to be a hit.  Mina had no problems eating hers and the burger looked pretty juicy.  Ogre thought the best thing on the table were the fries.  They reminded me of the State Fair because it tasted like the corndog breading from the Fair!

DSC_0263We ordered dessert.  It was the Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream.  I asked if they served the cookie warm and he said yes.  Well, it wasn’t very warm, the ice cream wasn’t very good and they use Hershey’s Syrup, which I don’t really like the taste of.  Now, the kids loved it and were probably glad that neither Ogre nor I liked it.  (Actually, Mina kept wanting us to indulge, but we kept saying no).

The service

The one shining star of the evening.  Our waiter was excellent.  Pointed us to the kids menu items right away.  Was attentive, kept drinks refilled.  Noted without me mentioning that I didn’t like my salad and then took it off the bill.  Maybe it was because he has two young boys himself.  Whatever the reason, he was excellent.  Food came out at a good tempo.

The kids

It’s kid friendly enough, no kids activities, but they have kids menu items.  The restaurant seems pretty laid back.  It has a little bit of a bar or happy hour vibe to it though.

Unfortunately, the service and average kid friendliness does not carry the below average food, I would not recommend this restaurant to eat at by the lake.  Go to Gloria’s instead.

The total: $85 and change (2 adult drinks)

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Well, they would’ve had a higher “star” rating if Ogre had written the post as I think he was leaning towards a “3.”  I can’t do it.  It just wasn’t very good.  The only thing that saved them from a solo star was the waiter.

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