How does your child end up in the buff in his car seat after lunch??  It’s another Phipps family fiasco!

But first, let’s get down to business…

The experience

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery in Plano sits in a strip mall, but once inside there is a quaint space dressed like a tea room.  You pick your own table and order at the counter.  We went at lunch and there was plenty of seating.  We were initially distracted by the case filled with cookies, brownies, and petit fours, but quickly focused our attention on the menu.  The lady behind the counter pointed us in the direction of the kids menu, which is not on the menu board above your head, and Ogre and I chose our respective lunches. 

For Mina, she picked a PB&J sandwich.  For Benji, I chose one chicken and one pimento cheese finger sandwich.  Ogre and I often ask our waitstaff about their favorite choices on the menu; after all, they should be experts.  The lady behind the counter suggested a Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple sandwich, which Ogre decided on and I went with the Tea Sandwich Trio that had a nice variety of foods to sample from.

We sat down and Mina got started on stomaching the 3 baby carrots on her plate.  

Mina and her carrot

Benji tried the chicken sandwich tea sandwich and seemed to like it at first, but as Ogre suspected, ended up spitting it out.  I think it was a texture issue.  He played with his pimento cheese sandwich and at times put some in his mouth, but his true delight came from my lunch.  I got 3 tea sandwiches, soup, and fruit.  He always loves fruit.  I let him taste my tomato basil soup and he was hooked. 

Happy with his lunch

I could not even finish my own lunch because I was constantly having to provide him with another spoonful of soup.  Ogre liked the pineapple and ham sandwich, but I do not foresee him ordering that again.  I asked my dear husband to help me by feeding Benji the soup so I could finish my lunch.  Mind you, I had no problems feeding him the soup -he happily ate it off my spoon, sometimes I handed him the spoon, but he would give it back so I could replenish his supply.  Here comes Papa offering the soup and the next thing you know, there are tears and a nearly reached threshold of no return.  Luckily, I had a grape (cut in half, of course) to pacify him and reset his temper.  I took back the duties of feeding soup and we were all content again. 

Meanwhile, Mina has finished half of one carrot.  Ogre prods her to take bigger bites and I suggest she mix things up with bites of her sandwich.  I carry Benji off to hose him down in the bathroom and upon return decide it’s better off we walk around outside while Mina finishes her lunch…She did, by the way, eat all three carrots and half her sandwich. 

The food

Their menu is packed with sandwiches and salads and everything, including their dressings, is made from scratch!  I can’t wait to try more items on their menu.  My tea sandwiches (chicken salad, pimento cheese, and cucumber cream cheese) were awesome and the soup was nice and robust.  While they use fresh ingredients and it is very evident, I don’t know how healthful the food is as they seem to use a lot of heavy dairy based products in their food.  Makes it taste wonderful though! I still have a petit four that Ogre so thoughtfully picked out for me to eat in a little while, yum!

The kids menu had some nice choices that would be palatable to a child such as grilled cheese panini, ham and cheese, and peanut butter with jelly or banana.  They also have a cute Little Royal Tea selection that comes with tea, finger sandwiches, and thumbprint cookies.  These come with either organic milk or juice and a cookie from the case.


The service

Not much to speak of here, it’s all basically self serve once they bring out your lunch.


The kids

The kids will definitely be wanting dessert, so be prepared!  It makes for a nice baragaining chip.  I think little girls would love the whole tea party scene.  Mina loved pouring tea for her papa.  It was the highlight of her dining experience.  This restaurant seems to have made a conscientious effort to provide healthy meals that children will eat.  I think they know that children are in it for the desserts though.   In the “Celebrity Insider,” there is even a reward program for teachers to offer their students postive reinforcement cards that they can bring in for a free cookie.

As an aside, I chose this restaurant to try because when I was working at an after hours clinic one afternoon, a mom told me that she knew her child was sick because he did not really eat anything at his favorite restaurant.  I asked which restaurant that was expecting to hear the standard Mickey D’s or Chick Fil A and instead heard “Celebrity Cafe“!

Total price: 30.95

Locations all over DFW -including Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Addison, Rockwall, Las Colinas, Highland Park Village

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

Benjamin and I were walking back and forth in front of some of the stores while we waited for Mina to finish lunch.  He came over to sit in my lap when I squatted in front of him. Hmmm, his pants are wet and so are the spots on my pants where he sat.  My first thought was that he spilled more apple juice on himself than I thought.  I took off his shorts and we continued to play a bit.  Gosh, I thought, his shorts don’t smell like apple juice, in fact, they smell like pee-pee!  So, I look down at his swimmer diaper that he is wearing. 

Time out: After Benjamin’s bath this morning, he brought me one of his swim diapers to put on.  I am trying to encourage my 15 month’s old autonomy and complied with his suggestion.  It is, afterall, a diaper, and it is supposed to be waterproof, isn’t it?

Benji in the buff

Back in the game: Totally soaked.  Everytime he sat down on the concrete he would leave a wet spot.  I did not even want to hold him because his diaper was so wet.  Finally, Ogre and Mina emerged.  I brought him to the car, took his shirt and diaper off, trashed the diaper, put his shirt around his bottom and strapped him into his car seat. 

Luckily, Babies r Us was just 1.5 miles down the road.

New total lunch tab: $42.63 (30.95 + 11.68 for diaper kit and new outfit)

Lesson learned: Swimmer diapers are not water proof.

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