The experience

Today I got a flyer with a coupon in the mail for Christina’s Mexican Restaurant.  Hmmm, after spending two nights in a row at the hospital and having had a well-deserved massage today, I thought margaritas sounded like a great plan to accompany dinner.  I made sure to tell Ogre of my dinner intent early on.  Of course, we got off to a late and fussy start as I laid Benji down to take a nap at 5 o’clock and at 6:30, he was still fast asleep.  We decided to wake him about that time because we were all getting hungry and who knew when he would wake up…he’s been known to just decide to call it a day when he naps that late.  Waking up a napping baby is never a good idea.  Welcome fuss buckets to dinner tonight.



It was about 7 o’clock on a Friday night when we pulled up to the restaurant.  The wait?  30 minutes.  This can seem like an eternity with two young kids, but we decided to tough it out since we didn’t really have anywhere else to go.  The waiting area inside of the restaurant is tiny and at first, we stood and waited.  The party sitting at the one bench got up to be seated and we took their spots.  Of course, Benji didn’t want to sit, he wanted to either get down, which I didn’t want him to do because Ogre forgot his socks and the floor looked very slippery or be with Papa.  Papa was busy entertaining Benji with throwing about in the air, flipping him upside down and blowing raspberries onto his belly.  As long as that was happening, Benji was happy.  Of course, that meant that I had to hold the water that Ogre got him.  This water ended up spilling all over my lap.  Great.  Cold water on my leg and it looked like I peed myself.


Right at about the 30 minute mark, we were seated.  We looked over the menu and Mina got busy on her activity placemat and dancing to the tune playing overhead.  We ordered drinks and a bowl of queso.  Benji wanted “di di” (dip) right away and pointed to the salsas.  I obliged and he acknowledged the possibility of it being spicy.  He took a dip anyway and, I kid you not, he looked at me and said “goo” (good).  Turns out that the salsa truly wasn’t spicy, but I was still surprised that he tried it, liked it, and kept eating it!


Ogre asked the waitress for some help with ordering and she was definitely helpful, but Ogre still required more time to decide.  She brought over our pitcher of margaritas and poured the first round for us.  Next out came the queso, I had asked her to also bring out some empty small salsa bowls, which she did and Dusty portioned some out for the kids.  After that, we were finally able to put in our dinner orders and then ate our queso and waited for our food.


The food came out relatively quickly.  In the time that I cut up Benji’s hot dog, he had reached over to grab himslef some rice and eaten half of what was given to him.  We gave Mina some guacamole as her “vegetable” today and I gave her some ketchup to dip her chicken in.  Seemed like we were all in good shape to enjoy our dinner.

We engaged in some adult conversation such as discussing Strep Throat, Ogre and my wedding, and Dusty’s love life.  Benji was very busy eating and making a huge mess of himself.  Even HE became disgusted with himself and indicated earnestly that he wanted his hands wiped clean.  Of course I did this for him!  Mina on the other hand was needing a little bit of prodding to finish off her guacamole.  I finally scooped up the last bite for her to eat.  She ate it just fine.  We also had her eat one more piece of chicken before ordering dessert.


We ordered Flan (Mina’s choice) and Fried Ice Cream(Ogre’s choice).  Both went over well with our table.  Mina has really started to smarten up about this whole splitting desserts deal.  When we got to what she perceived to be a “critical point”, she portioned out my “half” and hers.  In all fairness though, after a few bites, she decided to portion out a little for Benji and took this portion only out of her piece.  Very sweet, Mina!


Benji made sure to also let us know that this was “goo.”


The food

I would rate the food here as above average.  We didn’t have anything that seemed sub-par tonight.

The queso here was good, you’d think by how we devoured it, that it was excellent.  Nary a drop left.  It was very creamy and cheesy, like it should be.

DSC_0027I ordered the Enchiladas Verde and thought it was above average.  It had a nice tangy tomatillo flavor, but I did think that it could have used a bit more sauce.  Also, the chicken was a little bit on the drier side, which I never enjoy, particularly when that is coupled with not enough sauce.  Rice and beans were good.

DSC_0030Ogre ordered the Chicken Chimichanga and only had positive things to say about it.  He nearly licked the plate clean.  It was loaded with beef fajita beef and the ranchero sauce was excellent.

DSC_0026Dusty ordered the Sour Cream Enchiladas, but I don’t know what he thought of them.  He didn’t really say anything about it at dinner, but he often forgets that not only are we eating dinner, we’ll be blogging about it later, too.

DSC_0025Mina ordered the Chicken Fajita Taco and she ate it well, so I can only assume that it tasted good.  At first, she was a little dismayed that a couple stray shreds of lettuce ended up on her plate.  She had the look on her face like she would find a huge pile of salad in her taco.  She gave Christina’s 3 thumbs up on the way out, too.

DSC_0024We ordered the Hot Dog Burrito for Benji and he loved it.  He also loved the rice and beans.  We did not hear any complaints out of Benji once the food came!

For dessert, we had the Flan and the Fried Ice Cream.  I noted that the Flan was very good here -it had a great flavor and was very creamy.  It was more dense than I would like, but the flavor compensated for that.  Loved it.  Almost as good as Mario’s Chiquita!

The children’s menu had Tex Mex choices including tacos, burritos, enchiladas and also had American fare such as Chicken Tenders, Hot Dogs, or Burgers

The service

Our service was pretty good tonight.  She was helpful, attentive, kept drinks refilled, tables cleared.  Nothing to complain about in this area.

The kids

This is definitely kid-friendly.  They have a good little kids menu with both Tex-Mex choices and American food choices.  The restaurant is loud and fun.  If you sit in one of the booths, they have high backs, so you feel slightly isolated.  I felt very comfortable eating here with the kids.

This is a great choice for Tex Mex with the family and with pretty gosh darn good food to boot!

The total: 96.78 ($5 off, but with about 50 bucks in margaritas and 3 adults eating tonight)

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