The experience

Oliver's EateryI had a looooonnnnnng day today and got home after five.  I joined Benji who was already eating a snack and Ogre didn’t realize I was home.  I didn’t know he had to be somewhere for a meeting this evening and Mina was with Grandpoo and Oma.  Our family is so disorganized!  He called Grandpoo to see if he could keep Mina til we got back from dinner and we got the green light on that.  Then we decided to take separate cars to eat dinner so he could jet right off after dinner.  I packed up Benji in my car and followed Ogre to an unknown destination.  We ended up in some random shopping center parking lot in front of a few restaurants I’d never heard of.  Ogre seemed annoyed when he got out of his truck.  Apparently, he planned on eating at Sonny Bryan’s off the tollway, but they were closed!  We looked at one restaurant, I mean “ristorante,” but after reviewing the menu and seeing the 17 dollar spaghetti, we opted for the cheaper and more casual Oliver’s Eatery.

We walked up to the counter to order dinner.  Benji wanted no part of me holding him so Ogre held him while I went to clip on Benji’s chair.  I joined Ogre to help him load up our drinks, sodas, napkins, etc.  Benji was hopping around on the floor and followed us to our table.


He enjoyed the fact that there was a long bench that was clear for him to run up and down.  I warned him to be careful, of course.  Who knows if he listened.  Another couple headed toward one of the tables, so I told Benji he couldn’t do that anymore.  The couple actually sat in the chairs so that Benji could run up and down if he wanted.  I thanked them, but didn’t take advantage! We decided to put Benji in his chair.


Benji kept waiting for our coaster to go off.  He told me it was “bro-ken.”  When it finally buzzed, he was totally tickled.  Ogre was not tickled as he went up to get our food and came back with two very heavy appearing trays!  He set them down without breaking anything.  I immediately grabbed for his plate, I forgot what I ordered and that looked tasty.  Ogre quickly corrected my mistake.

We all ate dinner.  Ogre offered Benji one of his noodles.  Benji popped in his mouth and then popped it back out.  “No like it, ” Benji said.  Then Ogre asked him if wanted another “doo doo” (noodle).  Benji smiled coyly and said, “nooooo.”

There was a TV on overhead that irritated Ogre all through dinner and that was the main topic of conversation.  That and Benji critiquing his dinner by saying “doo doo…goot” (noodles good).  Benji said “all gone” when he was done with his dinner (which was nowhere near all gone, but he ate yogurt before we left home).  Pretty soon after, we headed home.

The food

I don’t know how you would categorize this.  I’m probably going to put it under American.  They have sandwiches, salads, pastas.

Fettucini with Asiago Cream SauceI ordered the Fettuccine with Asiago Cream sauce.  It was pretty good.  I don’t love fettuccine noodles, but the sauce was nice and cheesy.  I ordered the Caesar Salad to go along with it and I was pretty disappointed with that.  It was pretty dry and the sauce just wasn’t that great.

Penne with Sun Dried Tomato SauceOgre ordered the Penne Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce and Chicken.  He liked his a lot and I liked his more than I liked mine.  His sauce was very good and had mushrooms in it.  He also ordered the Caesar Salad, I don’t think he was as unhappy with it as I was, but he’s pretty tolerant of salads.

Penne PastaBenji ordered the Penne Pasta with Marinara sauce on the side and really wasn’t too excited about it; although, he did tell me “goot” (good) after he took a bite, maybe he just wasn’t hungry tonight?


The service

Counter service.  They give you a buzzer to let you know when to come get your food.


The kids

This is an average kid friendly restaurant.  It’s casual and laid back with a kids menu.  No kids activities, but I wouldn’t expect that here.  The customers in the restaurant seemed kid-tolerant also.  One couple even sat on the outside of their table so that Benji could run along the bench seating.  Don’t worry, I did not take advantage of their kindness and made Benji stay put at our table.


I suppose I’d recommend this place as a cheaper alternative to the expensive Italian restaurant two doors down.  I don’t that it’s all that much to write home about, but it wasn’t bad either.  Just, eh.  How’s that for ambivalence?

The total:

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