The experience

Today we headed out for lunch and I gave Ogre three options, he headed to Jason’s Deli, which was actually the last restaurant of choice, but would still do.  We walked in and, once again, were lucky to beat the rush and ordered straight away.  Benji was happy to stand with us as we ordered.

As I ordered, my phone rang and I had to answer it (I’m on call today) and perhaps that is why later my order would be a little off.  After I ordered, I tried to get Benji to walk with me to find a table, but he wanted to stand with Papa and ran back.  Ogre picked up a coloring sheet and crayons after we paid and we went to look for a table.  The restaurant was pretty well packed, but luckily,  a booth opened up and Benji and I sat down while Ogre got our drinks.  We had to flag down a buslady to clean off the table.

Ogre brought back our drinks and some of those tasty muffins from the salad bar.  We put our number up and waited for our lunch to be dropped off.  It didn’t take too long.  Benji was not very interested in his lunch, he was more interested in the muffins and my chips.  He went through and made sure to mark every one of the muffins by taking a bite from each. I let him have one chip and Ogre gave him some fruit.

Since it’s counter service, Ogre had to refill his drink and each time, Benji climbed out of the bench and was initially a little to slow to go with Ogre, so he’d stand by our booth and say, “Where Papa going?”


He got quicker…or so he thought and followed Ogre, but did not notice Ogre turn to get to the drink machine and Benji kept walking straight.  I thought that I had made eye contact with Ogre to watch for Benji (and I still think we did), but I hear Benji crying and then Ogre had to scoop him up.  Apparently he’d just walked straight to the back of the restaurant and “got lost.” 

No matter, Benji told me when they got back to the table, “I find Papa,” and they hugged and were very sweet on each other.


After I finished my lunch and ate the apples and strawberries that were left over, we headed home.


The food

Sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups.

IMG00598I ordered the Sante Fe Chicken Sandwich, which is offered with a marinated chicken breast, swiss cheese, tomato, avocado, bacon and Russian Dressing.  I like mine without the avocado or bacon and with extra Russian dressing on the side.  This is a great sandwich, although Ogre thinks that without the bacon or avocado, it’s “just a chicken sandwich.”  Mine came with bacon and avocado, which I scraped off and no Russian Dressing!  Once I fixed it up the way I like, it was great!  I also ordered French Onion soup, which is just average (definitely not as good as La Madeleine) -more of an oily dilute flavor. 

IMG00599Ogre ordered the Mediterranean wrap, it comes with olives, turkey and hummus.  He said that it was pretty good, but that the tortilla was a little stale.  His came with fruit and it all looked very fresh and a yogurt dipping sauce that I thought was quite tasty. 

IMG00600Benji ordered PB&J, most of which is still sitting in our kitchen.  It came with apples.  They boast that their peanut butter is organic. 



They also boast on their kids menu that they are free of nitrites and that their menu choices are very healthy.


The service

Counter service.  Our guy didn’t really listen to me when I ordered though!


The kids

Definitely kid friendly.  Looks like they’re trying to impress moms and dads out there with their kids’s menu and they have a coloring sheet and crayons you can pick up as you cash out.

I think it’s a good choice for a quick and easy lunch,  it can be healthful, too (if you don’t load up on Russian Dressing!).

The total: $18.90

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