The experience

Roti GrillIt’s another night working at the hospital for me, so we had to hit a restaurant in West Plano.  Mina was not with us tonight as she had a prior committment tonight -music class with Oma and Grandpoo.  After some discussion adhead of time, we chose Roti Grill.  Benjamin and I drove together from Lala’s house and not two minutes into the drive, he was out.  I beat Ogre to the restaurant and, as we did yesterday, I sat in the car with him so he could sleep as long as possible.  When Ogre arrived, I was able to pull him out of his carseat without waking him. 

This is a casual, faster food Indian restaurant.  The menu was up above the counter where you order the food and I chose the selection where you choose a meat and then a sauce and I ordered a side of rice with it (the Two Step).  I went to sit down with Benji and made the awful mistake of trying to lay him down on the booth bench.  He woke up and Bad News Benji was with us for dinner.  He was fussy and whiny and couldn’t get comfortable or happy.  Ogre ordered his food and brought over the drinks.  I told him I wanted a coke.  He brought over the Mango Lassi and had me try it in case I wanted it.  I tried and told him and it was really good so he assumed I wanted that instead.  He got himself a tea instead of my soda.  I would have preferred a caffeinated beverage before my shift, but if this is the alternative, I’ll take it! 

Mango Lassi and CheeseI made another mistake of letting Benji try it.  Now, he wanted it.  Ogre poured out Benji’s water and we gave him his own and Ogre ordered another Mango Lassi for me.  Ogre ordered some Paneer Pakoda (fried cheese) for Benji, which calmed him down for a little bit.  Unfortunately, by the time we got our food, he was asking to “Go, go, yeah” (go) and was even desperately saying “Peeee, peee!” (please).  We told him no, eat first, then go.  And he just continued screaming and crying.  Ogre and I tried to just ignore him and talk about other things.  We were the only ones in the restaurant so he wasn’t bothering anyone. 

Grumpy Benji

Go Go Yeah! Peeeee! Peeeee! (and that's lipstick from me and a bruise on his face from Mina pushing him over)


It was, however, very noticeable.  A lady from the counter came up to us with a nice hardback book for Benji to look at in hopes of quelling his cries.  It actually worked for about 10 minutes!  He even smiled a little bit, but then he remembered he wanted to go outside and the crying started up again.  Luckily, we were close to finishing up.  We can move through dinner a lot quicker when Mina isn’t with us.  I wonder if we would have prolonged the torture if she would have been at dinner with us or if she would have kept Benji entertained…

It was a good read


We headed out the door and I had about 15 minutes before I needed to leave for work, so Ogre went next door to Fat Straws for an after dinner beverage.  I stayed outside with Benji where there are some tables and 2 chairs.  Benji loved it!  He pointed to the planes and the cars and danced in his chair and on the sidewalk.  I guess we should have eaten outside!

Da Plane

Pane! Pane!


The food

The food here is decent.  I would say it’s average to above average.  I think the food at Chaat Cafe is better.  The garlic naan is very good, but not as good as at Chaat. 

My Lamb Balti was a little too salty for my taste.  I did think that the lamb was very tender.  The rice was cooked well and had a good flavor.Lamb Balti


Ogre ordered the Two Step also.  He ordered the Chicken (1st step) and Masala sauce (2nd step).  He said that it was good, but “did not live up to his expectations.”  He said that the chicken was very tender and that is was extra spicy.  Now that I wrote that, I remembered that when the lady came by with Benji’s book, she asked him if it was spicy enough.  I think she was very impressed that he ordered it so spicy!

Chicken Masala


We did not order off the kids menu, which includes a chicken nugget with fries and a small drink for the unadventuresome child (like Mina!) and a plate with daal (lentils), naan or rice, fries and a small drink for the vegetarian, Indian child who likes Indian food, or adventuresome.  The appetizers, though, would also be a good option. 


The service

This is counter service, but they do bring the food out to you.  You get and refill your own drinks. 


The kids

I’d say this place has average kid friendliness overall.  A couple of selections for the kids on the menu, but it is casual, which is great for kids. No crayons or anything here, but I wouldn’t have expected that.   They do get bonus points for addressing our screaming/crying child very kindly and smartly!

They have locations in Dallas and in Plano.  At lunch, they have a buffet.

The total: $

What did Guidelive say?

Dallas Observer “Best Of” 2008 Fast-Casual Indian Food


Rants, Ravings and Ramblings

I learned that this restaurant was started by the owner of Indian Palace, which is our favorite “upscale” Indian food joint.  Makes me crave it!

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