The experience

Today, the plan was for Ogre and I to drive separately to dinner as Grandpoo and Oma would be joining us to celebrate Grandpoo’s birthday and then everyone except Benji and me were going to see the new Star Trek movie at the IMAX theater in Mesquite.  Well, Benji was out as he was napping when it was time to hit the road.  I better add that he was napping at Lolo’s…we didn’t just leave him at home because he was still napping!  The initial plan was to eat at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, but that plan deteriorated as we were getting ready to leave Grandpoo’s house because that Mexican restaurant did not actually exist where they thought it did!  Argh!  So, on the way to dinner, we had to once again, decide on a dinner location, and quick, too, as Grandpoo has a thing about arriving to the theater early!  We decided to head to to Rockwall as there are a bunch of restaurants by the lake and that is not too far from Mesquite.  Problem was, it was about 4:30 by the time we really got going, leading us straight into Rockwall traffic.

I was driving the truck and Ogre was in our car, and I could just feel Ogre’s irritation with the traffic and I felt somewhat responsible since we were going the way that I typically go into Rockwall (which is still probably the fastest way to get there, but it didn’t feel like it today!)  It took a good 40 minutes to drive out there and then we had to walk across the shopping area to get to the restaurant.  We chose Blue Canyon as it was one we had not eaten at and looked promising.

We walked in and were seated right away and got the drink orders going.  Grandpoo made sure to tell our waiter that we were in a hurry (it was 5:30 and their movie starts at 7:10).  I’m not kidding.  We perused the menu and then Mina and I played Tic Tac Toe.  For the record, we tied twice and she beat me once.  She’s getting very good.  I told Grandpoo that she was now learning how to strategize, to which Mina replied, “No, Mommy, I’m not strategizing, I’m making wise decisions.”  Touche. 

We decided against appetizers, fearing it would slow the meal down and went straight for ordering salads and entrees.  When we ordered, Grandpoo, once again, mentioned that they needed to speed it up in the kitchen! 

While we waited, it was time for Grandpoo to open presents!  Mina gave him her (not so surprising anymore because she gets him this for every major holiday and birthday) gift, which was a very nice windchime.  Then Ogre gave him “our gift” (I had no idea what he bought), which was a Kindle.  Everyone at the table was very impressed with this gift.  Me? Clueless.  It’s some kind of skinny electronic device that you can download books on to.  I guess that’s why they’re all going to see Star Trek and I’m going home after dinner.


Salads and dinner came out pretty quickly as promised and we were all pretty impressed with our meals.  Mina needed some reminding to eat her dinner and not get distracted (she is a super slow eater!).  She managed to eat 2 of her chicken tenders and I managed to eat about half of her very tasty fries!

Ogre finished his before everyone else, like he usually does and offered to get the car while everyone else finished.  I settled the tab and Grandpoo was chomping at the bit to get out of there, so our waiter put Mina’s dessert in a to go box and we headed out to make sure that they made their movie in time (it was 6:20 and their movie starts at 7:10). 


The food

I guess it’s upscale American.  They have burgers, steaks, seafood, and pasta dishes.

IMG00604For starters, Ogre and I each had the Field Greens Salad, which is served with a Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette and we both thought this was very good.  Grandpoo ordered the Bleu Cheese Salad and he complimented the dressing and bleu cheese, but gave a thumbs down to the addition of IMG00605dates and nuts (this is a chronic complaint with him -he doesn’t like to see any fruits or nuts in his salad.  I shake my head).    Oma ordered the Lobster Bisque and was very complimentary of it.


IMG00606I ordered the 1/2 order of the Lobster and Spinach Macaroni and Cheese (as did Oma).  We both thought it was good.  It’s penne pasta in a cheesy sauce topped with Parmesan.  There are large chunks of lobster, although, as I would anticipate since the lobster was baked in with the Mac N Cheese, the lobster was a little tougher than I’d like. 

IMG00609Ogre ordered the Flat Iron Steak and said it was very good.  I took a gander and it looked to be perfectly prepared (a very nice medium rare). 


IMG00610Grandpoo ordered a Burger and strangely, took the buns off his burger.  He spoke highly of the burger itself, but thought there was something off about the bun.  It LOOKED good and Ogre thought it tasted fine, I tried it, too, but my taste buds are a little off.  I thought the bun was fine and it seemed a little extreme to throw the entire bun away, but apparently, it did not pass muster.

Mina ordered the Chicken Fingers, French Fries, Green Beans, and Fruit Cup.  The chicken fingers and french fries were very tasty.  She does not like melon, which is what came in the fruit cup, nor (surprise!) does she like green beans.  I cut her some slack on the veggies tonight.


The service

Our server was very good today.  Attentive.  One of the first things he asked was if anyone had any food allergies.  Weird, but as a pediatrician, very welcome.  He put up with our constant insistence for a quick meal and the food came out very quickly.  No complaints.

The kids

Surprisingly, very kid friendly.  They have a little kids activity book and crayons and very nice “3 course”  meal with lots of good selections and free dessert for the kids!  It’s a little more upscale than the usual kid friendly laid back places, but we felt very comfortable with Mina there (of course, “Bad Behavior” Benji did not join us tonight…)

I would highly recommend this for a nicer night out with the kids!

The total: $106 (4 adults, 2 margaritas)

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