The experience

This place couldn’t have had a better set up for a great review.  It has been a long time since we ate at this restaurant.  The last time Ogre and I went, we were still dating and the corn was way too spicy for me.  But at Christmas last year, we had them cater dinner for the nurses on the floor and everything I had tasted great!  Dusty was with us and I had previously mentioned Razoo’s, a Cajun restaurant that he did not sound fond of and when I mentioned Blue Mesa Grill, he perked up and said “YES!” 

DSC_0319We arrived and Benjamin and Mina were very impressed with the large doors.  We walk in to see stairs winding up to the restaurant.  Benjamin is in to stairs right now.  It takes 10 minutes for us to get up the stairs, but my boy is totally tickled.  It also just happens to be Quesadilla Happy Hours so we get a fresh chicken quesadilla and head over to our table. Mina gets a very nice menu to color on and starts right away on that.  She’s been ignoring these coloring menus lately, so I’m glad to see her excited. 

We order our drinks and guacamole and get down to menu options.  I look at Mina’s kids menu.  Nothing excites me.  We decide she can have the chicken quesadilla for dinner and Ogre says she can have guacamole for vegetables tonight.  I see that there are some dishes that come with seasonal vegetables and decide that we will be getting a side of those so she can actually get some “real” vegetables tonight.  I decide on the Street Tacos.  It seems like forever before she comes back with the guacamole.  She makes it tableside, which is kinda cool and I decide to give her a break -perhaps that is why it took so long to get back to us.  We mention that we need a water for mina, another Margarita, more salsa and tortillas.  She disappears after she makes the guac and Ogre informs me that this is the worst guacamole he has had in quite some time.  She drops off the margarita and whizzes aways before we can remind her about the other things.  When the waitress finally comes back take our order, Ogre asks her what she likes and she mentions the Chile Relleno.  It’s hatch chile season so Ogre goes with that.  Dusty asks about fish tacos and she says they can serve up some Salmon Tacos.   Perfect.  We mention that we STILL need water for Mina, salsa, and tortillas.

She finally brings those over and we are waiting for our food.   Ogre has to take Mina to bathroom and after they get back, we are still waiting for our food.  Luckily, Mina is totally engrossed in her coloring.  Ogre and I are able to focus on entertaining Benji, who is not excited about this place at all.  


Our food finally comes and I serve up some vegetables for Mina.  I try to give Benjamin some of the beans and he spits it out.  I taste the beans and it has an alcohol flavor to it.  I would have spit it out, too.  Ogre tries to give him his black beans and, again, right back out.  Very uncharacteristic for Benji, he usually loves beans. I look over at Mina who is taking a bite of the zucchini.  Uh-oh, her eyes are watering and she looks like she’s about to hurl.  One night at home when she was eating squash she really did throw up after dinner.  This is not good.  I tell her that she can eighty-six the zucchini.  She is very relieved.  She informs us that she has to go to the bathroom again.  I look at Ogre who is sweating from his spicy chile relleno, but done with his meal.   He says that he can’t take her because there is no more toilet paper in the men’s bathroom and the toilet seat looked like it was going to fall off.  Gross.  So, I take her.  The women’s restroom was completely stocked and clean.  No changing table, but you could probably change a diaper where the sinks are.

We get back and Mina requests ketchup for her broccoli.  I oblige.  It takes awhile to get a hold of the waitress, but eventually she gets the ketchup and can finish off her veggies.  Ogre tells me that Benjamin had a meltdown when I left.  How sweet!  Apparently, he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  I love you, too, Benji!  Nobody has anything great to say about their food except Dusty, who loves his salmon tacos.  We look at the dessert menu and hope that this will be the redeeming quality for our food and service.   Dusty and I think that the Flan Cake looks promising so we go with that.  Ogre was going to order the Raspberry Pudding Cajeta Parfait but by the time the waitress game to get our dessert order he decided he was full.

Dessert comes and while I agree that it was less than stellar, Ogre completely ruins the experience by saying the Cajeta makes it taste like the flan is rotten.  Thanks.


The food

What can I say?  This was nothing like the catering experience.  My Street Tacos were bland and unexciting.  Of the three, the shrimp tasted the best, but the shrimp were definitely overcooked.  In fact, the steak and chicken were also overcooked and dry.  No amount of cilantro could fix these tacos.  I don’t know what was going on with the beans.  Were they supposed to taste like that?  It tasted like they added a shot of tequila.  Ogre was impressed with the spiciness of his chile relleno, but not by the flavor.  Dusty thought his salmon tacos were excellent, so that is a positive.  You can imagine what Mina thought of dinner.  She ate the quesadilla and broccoli because she had to not because she wanted to.

Here are a couple of other positives:  Supposedly, this is considered a heart-healthy restaurant and you can get the nutritional information from their website.  They also have many GLUTEN-FREE items, which is great if you or your children have celiac disease!

The kids menu, again, had no healthful choices.  Quesadillas, chicken nuggets, enchiladas, etc.  No vegetables on their menu.


The service

Here is where they really got dinged.  Our waitress provided the bare minimum of service.  I am not sure what she was doing that kept her away so much.  We really could have used Mina’s water and tortillas to keep the kids happy.  We consistently had to flag her down for requests, I don’t think she asked us once if we needed anything. 


The kids

Mina loved the coloring menu.  Other than that, not spectacular.  I do not believe that a kids menu and crayons makes you kid-friendly.  It helps, but you’re not going to get any applause from me.


Total price: $87.87 (includes $32 worth of margaritas thanks to Dusty)

What did Guidelive say?

One of Best Kid-Friendly per Gayot

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