The experience

Sometimes I don’t even know what day it is!  For most of the day I thought it was Wednesday, when Mina goes to Music Class with her grandparents.  In my head, I was considering dinner based on that and the fact that I’d be working tonight.  Late enough, though, that I could still go to dinner.  Ogre was no help, he went along with asking his parents if they’d be picking up Mina for Music Class today.  Finally, he called and told me it was Tuesday.  We still decided to hit dinner early and in West Plano, near the hospital I’d be working at.  I thought we’d go to the Blue Goose Cantina, after all, we had a coupon, and the diety of your choice knows that we need to save some money with these crazy Monday night dinners!

Benjamin was at my parents’ house today, so I hung out there with him and when it was time for dinner, he and I drove over.  Ogre picked up Mina and met us there.  On the way there, Benjamin fell asleep, so we sat in the car until they knocked at our window.  I opened the door to find a visibly upset Mina.  I looked at Ogre and he rolled his eyes.  I asked Mina what was wrong.  Through sobs and tears, she said “Flip Flops…”  Ogre said that she wanted to wear her flip flops and that he did not get them when they went by the house, I guess he didn’t hear her ask for them or something and then she was crying because he didn’t understand her when she said something about her “Reading Book.” We still don’t know what that is…reminiscent of the Breathless incident! I held her hand and walked in trying to get her to calm down so we could enjoy dinner.

Benji enjoying himselfWe were sat immediately and Ogre had to go back out to the car to get the coupon.  I ordered our drinks and some queso.  I got a caffeinated beverage since I’d be working tonight and I ordered the Mango Margarita for Ogre, the waitress sold me when she said that some people don’t like it because of the texture -there are chunks of mango -sounds good to me!  I also had a tortilla.  I hardly ever eat just tortillas and sometimes I don’t eat them when I’m supposed to -like with fajitas.  I chowed this one down!!  It was so good!  They make ‘em right here and Mina and Benji both enjoyed watching them being made.



Mina told me that her apple fell off the tree again today.  At school, when they misbehave, or apparently deviate from anything but perfect, their apple falls off the tree and can possibly fall into a basket.  If it falls in to a basket, the parent gets called and you are in major doo-doo.  Mina said it was because when they were “doing the calendar,” she was playing with her jacket.  She said she had it up around her neck.  I told her not to do that anymore and smiled at the visual.

When Ogre got back and had a chance to look at the menu, we ordered dinner.  I ordered the Fish Tacos off the appetizer menu, and ordered the Cheese Quesadillas (Mexican Pizza) for Mina.  Ogre asked the waitress to help him out with his order and settled on the Chile Rellenos. I got separate bowls for the kids to have their own queso. Benjamin was quite pleased with our appetizer.  He asked me to “dan dan” (dance), which I gladly did to Katie Perry’s “Hot and Cold.” 

Our dinner came out superfast!  Ogre told me that I ordered the Fish Tacos and that I thought they were similar to the ones at Z Tejas.  My memory has been failing me lately.  I could not remember that!  It did have a similar, but not as good, taste to the Z Tejas Fish Tacos.  We’d taken maybe two bites before Mina announced that she had to go to the bathroom.  Ogre took her so I could finish up my dinner.  While they were gone, Benji started saying “Go go, yeah.”  At first, he was smiling at me and saying it, almost saying, “hey, let’s go!” but, of course, we couldn’t do that.  His “go, go yeah” became more impatient until he was standing up on the chair scooted under his clip on chair and sitting down hard so that the whole table shook and drinks were splashing out of the cups.  He got an immediate, “NO BENJI!” for that one, he settled down, but still whined about “Go, go, yeah” until Ogre and Mina returned.

Mina was doing a great job eating her quesadillas and Ogre was enjoying his Chile Relleno.  I’m not much of a Relleno fan, but the bites he offered me were very good.  Benjamin went back to feeding himself the queso from earlier and did not really eat his rice and beans or the quesadilla that MIna so generously gave him. 

It was getting close to the time for me to head to work, but we were excited to show Mina my new computer that Ogre bought me today.  She and I left the table and went out to the car where she was very impressed with my PINK computer with its PINK wallpaper.  We went back in right about the time Ogre was paying the bill, so Team Phipps was able to walk out together. 

I forgot to mention that when we got to the table, Benji had big grin on his face and was holding the tortilla chip bowl in his hands.  Ogre said that Benjamin decided to take the chips and paper out and put it on his head.  Ogre took a picture.  The waitress apparently told him he should take a picture of it, and, of course, Ogre already had.

Benji put the chip bowl on his head

I walked them to the car then headed off to the hospital where I currently sit.


The food

QuesoOgre said to me, “Why don’t we ever come here?  We liked it a lot the last time we were here, too.”  I don’t know why either, the food is definitely above average.  Man, those tortillas were a good texture and had a nice buttery flavor.  Ogre and the kids really liked the queso, I thought it was average.  It reminded me of “Rotel queso” from college.


Fish TacosMy fish tacos were good.  As we mentioned above, it has a similarity to the fish tacos at Z Tejas (a wonderful Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, TX) because the dipping sauce is a sesame ginger sauce.  The tacos are better at Z Tejas, but these did not disappoint.


Chile RellenosOgre thought his chile relleno (one beef, one chicken) was very tasty.  The beef chile relleno with raisins, that he said was surprisingly very good -the raisins were very complimentary to the beef relleno.  Gave it a hint of sweetness, but not an overpowering raisin flavor.  The chicken chile relleno had a sauce that was similar to the Deluxe Tomatillo Sauce at Chuy’s.  It was a creamy tomatillo sauce that goes very well with the chicken.  Both were very “meaty.”


Kid's QuesadillaMina loved her quesadilla.  This is actually surprising because quesadillas are always hit or miss with her and frequently it’s a miss.  I bet it was the awesome flour tortilla.

Their kids menu had the usual Mexican fare: a taco, an enchilada, nachos, and fajitas.


The service

Our service was very good today.  When we didn’t order anything for Benjamin she made sure to clarify that he’d just be eating off our plates (we have forgotten to order food for Mina, I’m embarrassed to admit).  She was also attentive and friendly.


The kids

This is a colorful, loud, fun restaurant.  Mina and Benji liked watching the tortilla machine.  They didn’t hand us crayons or anything, but this might have been an oversight??  I might need some reader contribution to help me out on that one.  I seem to remember that the last time we got crayons, but my mind has been failing me lately. 

And check out their website:  VERY NICE, GUYS!!

The total: $35.55 (one margarita and 25% off)

What did Guidelive say?


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