The experience

Spoons CafeApparently Dusty wanted pancakes.  It didn’t matter the time since when I got home ready for lunch at 1:30, we were going to be getting pancakes.  And, Benji was still asleep from his midmorning nap.  Okie doke.  We brainstormed about a restaurant that would be serving pancakes at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  We waited til the last minute to wake up Benji from his nap to get going.  Ogre did some research and found that Spoons Cafe in historic downtown McKinney serves breakfast all day.  That fit the criteria so we all loaded up and headed north.

We got to downtown McKinney and found the parking to be a little bit tight, but we found a spot less than a block (way less than a true city block) away and walked over to the restaurant.  It was around2:30 by this time and we had about a 5 minute wait.  As we waited, a huge line formed at the hostess stand.  Apparently, we just missed the afternoon rush.


We were seated and settled in.  I decided that I would get breakfast also.  After all, it is my favorite meal of the day.  In fact, everyone at the table would be getting breakfast.  Ogre put in an order for a scone to start and then we put the rest of our breakfast order in.  While we waited, Dusty and Mina played “Bingo.”


It was easy for Mina to win every time since she was calling out the random (wink, wink) numbers.  She was quite pleased with how victorious she was.



It was taking a while for the scone to come over from the spot where we could plainly see them.  We reminded the waitress, who had her game face on, “Oh, yeah, don’t worry, it’s on it’s way out.”  She continued to do some other things and then finally 10 minutes later walked over to get the scone and bring it over. 

The scone was a hit with the table.  Mina and Benji shared the last bite of it.


Finally, the rest of dinner came.  Benji likes and ate up the whipped cream on his waffle, but did not like the whipped cream on his hand and kept asking for a “nah-kin” (napkin) to wipe off his hands and face.  This led to a shortage of napkins.  Since our waitress didn’t like coming by to check on us, we had to ask some other random lady for some napkins.


Mina ate all the strawberries and spied mine, which I gave her since she was eating so well this morning.  I was surprised that Benji was more into the “straw-babies.”  He ate his whipped cream and waffle and seemed content with that.


Dusty noted that they had given him 6 pancakes instead of the requested 5.  As he finished his breakfast, he said, “yup, 5 would have been perfect,” as he left one lone pancake on his plate.

Benji told me that he “uh-oh” (pooped).  And did not want to sit anymore.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the wipes or diapers with us, they were in the car.  I pulled him out of his high chair and he wanted to be held by Dusty.  I think he was pleased that he was offering such a bad odor to Dusty as he smiled and laughed very hard when Dusty held him.


After we settled the tab, we headed back to the car to find a police car right by our car.  Ogre was a little worried that it might be because he was one inch forward the sign, but no, some person decided to park in front of us (where you’re not allowed to park) and put themselves halfway out into the lane of traffic.  The McKinney police decided to sit behind them until they came back.  They did move for us and were very nice to us, but I bet they weren’t so nice to the people that owned the other car!


The food

This is American food spruced up and serving breakfast all day with a good selection of sandwiches and salads.

The scone was not what you’d expect.  It was the consistency of a soft, thick cookie.  It tasted like a snickerdoodle.  That being said, I liked it, but it wasn’t really a scone.

Breakfast SandwichI ordered a Half Breakfast Sandwich.  This had honey ham, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread.  I liked it, but it wasn’t out of this world.  It was pretty average.  I like the ones at Waffle House more.  It comes with “Cottage Potatoes.”  I don’t know what makes them “cottage,” they taste like pan fried homestyle red potatoes.  They were quite tasty, though.  I also ordered a strawberry pancake.  The strawberries were excellent! Dark red and very sweet.  The pancake was not as brilliant.  Not fluffy.  They weren’t bad, just more dense than I like.

MigasOgre ordered the Migas.  He said it was good, not outstanding.  I’m not sure what the following statement means, but he said that “the chorizo wasn’t chorizo-y.”  Is that good or bad? 


Pancake with Strawberries and Whipped CreamMina and Benji had the Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream and they both seemed to like it.  Ogre tried it and commented that it was very good.


6 PancakesDusty, of course, had pancakes.  He seemed to like them, but I think he’d like any pancake he met.


The service

Not great, not awful.  Probably worse than better.  She seemed attentive at first, got our orders in, but was slow to provide the scones and then never really checked on us.  The food comes out on the slower side, but this was probably because it was still so busy when we ate there.


The kids

I think it is a kid friendly restaurant.  A few items on the kids menu, no kids activities, but the restaurant is loud and laid back enough that I think you’ll feel pretty comfortable eating with your kids here.

I would definitely recommend this place for brunch and I would like to try some of their lunch items (although, it’ll be hard for me to not to order breakfast!).

The total: can’t remember

(972) 548-6900
100 E Louisiana Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

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