The experience

Ogre was going out of town today so I was left with the kids and planning our mealtime outings.  It was complicated by the fact that Mina was in school and spends the evenings with Grandpoo and Oma, as well as the fact that Ogre totally misunderstood my work schedule and planned to have Benji spend the day with Grandpoo and Oma!  I decided that I would take Benji to breakfast and then take him over to Oma’s after that.  Perfect way to start my day off!  I remembered seeing Mozart’s Cafe and Bakery on the way to work previously so I headed there for a breakfast date with my favorite little man.

I had no idea what to expect as I’d never been there before.  I walked into find a huge case of desserts and then to the left there was a plethora of pastries and breads.  Wow!  Benji and I walked around and picked a donut, a chocolate croissant, a cream cheese danish and some mini muffins.  I also ordered a hot chocolate for me and Benji already had some apple juice in his sippy cup.



While I paid, Benji found us a table to sit at and climbed right in the chair.  We sat down together and as I tried to take pictures of the food, Benji went straight for the bag with the cinnamon twist in it.  “Benji donut” and nodded his head.  I let him take a bite then pulled off a small piece for him.  He understood that the rest was “Mommy donut.”



I also gave him a mini-muffin and part of the cream cheese danish.  He called the danish “butter bread” and told me it was good. 




I went up to grab my hot chocolate and when I returned, Benji pointed at my cup and said, “Mommy Cop-ee,” I corrected him and was surprised that he did not want any “Mommy Hot Chock-It.”



He then decided it was time to come give Mommy hug and started to climb off the chair.  Before I could say anything, he paused and said, “watch head” and pointed with his finger.  He came over to give me a hug and sat in my lap the rest of breakfast.



After we finished up, we went back to grab a few items for his grandparents, paid up and headed out.


The food

This is bakery and it seems as though they distribute their baked goods as well as sell them on site.  They have all kinds of pastries, including Chinese pastries and donuts. They also have coffees, smoothies and bubble teas.



The service

Counter service.  


The kids

It’s kid friendly if your kid likes donuts and pastries (most kids do).  It’s pick out, pay and sit down or go.

If you’re looking for freshly baked Chinese pastries and other pastries and desserts, try this place out.  It’s better than your standard bakeries!

The total: 9 bucks

2070 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Ste 306
Plano, TX 75023

(972) 517-9944


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