For the next few posts, I’m going to flush the format a little.  We vacationed and attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic from May 13-18th.  We stayed at the Gran Bahia Prinicipe Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Bouganvilla: “Restaurant International Buffet

We ate here for dinner the first night because we arrived too late to make dinner reservations at the “A la Carte” restaurants.  Benji was a wicked mess anyway having not napped during a full day of travel and was awakened in the middle of his nap so we could eat dinner.  Apparently, they have a different them each night.  I can’t remember what the theme was when we went.  Some nights we passed the restaurant and it said “American,” other nights, “Spanish.”

If you ask Ogre what he ate, he’ll say, some “Half-a$$ this or that.”  He had some salad and then had some pasta from the pasta bar, which was made as you want it right then.  Cool concept, poor execution.  I can’t even recall what I ate, but I do remember thinking, “huh, this just isn’t all that tasty.”  I resorted myself to eating fruit.  That wasn’t superb either, which was surprising since we were on a tropical island.

Benji screamed throughout dinner, but did settle down enough to eat some bananas and fruit while Mina ate a hot dog.

This night, we ate dinner so we wouldn’t be hungry and then took our screaming, hungry children right back to our room for some rest.


This is also where we ate breakfast EVERY MORNING.  They had the same food EVERY MORNING.  And no, the food was not good.  For example, every morning, I ate a toasted bagel with cream cheese and guava jelly and a bowl of cereal.  Typically, I would supplement my meal with yogurt and/or fruit.  The first morning, I did try a variety of items of the buffet, none of them very good or worth eating.  French Toast was hard and bland.  Ogre tried the pancakes one morning and they weighed half a pound and I’m not exaggerating.  They were so dense and hard!  It was unreal.  I don’t know if it was the humidity or the lack of ingredients needed to make a fluffy pancake, but it was strange.   He also tried the crepes one morning (made fresh!) and said that they had a weird off flavor.   They had usual suspects such as scrambled eggs, which the kids ate happily. The only thing that made me excited to have breakfast besides raw hunger was that they serve 3% milk here, which reminds of living in Europe and I love the fatty milk!


They also serve lunch here, but we never ate here for lunch.

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