The experience

Cafe BrazilToday we were taking a day trip to Hillsboro to experience Middlefaire.  We thought we’d stop for breakfast somewhere that was right off the highway and on our way.  Cafe Brazil would fit the bill perfectly.  We were concerned that it would be packed because it was a Saturday morning at peak brunch hours, but when we pulled up we found there to be plenty of parking and, once inside, we were seated right away.  Mina wanted to wear her princess crown to breakfast, which was fine.  I did not let her wear her princess costume for fear of breakfast goo getting all over it.  She was rewarded with quite a few oohs and ahhs when we walked through the restaurant.

Princess Silly Mina

Mina seemed to be in a good mood and reassured me that she was feeling fine when I repeatedly asked her (she did puke last night!).  They gave us four adult menus when we sat down.  I perused the menu and could not find any kids’ menu items.  When our waiter came by for our drink order, I asked him for the kids menu and, yes, they do have some.  Ogre and I got bottomless coffees and we ordered chocolate milk for the kids.   He brought over the kids menu.  I went over the kids menu items with Mina.  I should have known she would want the Candy Pancakes.  I compromised and said that she could have M&Ms on them (her favorite candy of all time) but no peanut butter cups (that would make me sick just looking at it!). 

Benji playing with sugar packetsThe waiter came back with the kids’ chocolate milks and Ogre remembered that the coffee here is self serve here from the “coffee bar.”  We ordered our breakfast and then Ogre left to grab us a couple cups of joe.  Mina and Benjamin were pretty bored here and were left to play with the sugar packets and Mina flipped through the Observer (we picked it up because it has the “Best of” in this edition!).

Ogre and I discussed some of the “Best Of” Restaurant winners.  It looks like there are a few places we’ll have to try!  Happily, we didn’t have to wait too long for breakfast to arrive.  My eyes grew huge when I saw Mina’s breakfast.  I know she’s had M&M pancakes elsewhere and there were a few here and there throughout the pancakes, but this was just a big pile of M&Ms sitting on top of her flapjacks.  Gross. 

Candy for Breakfast

Benjamin, of course, thought it was heaven on a plate.  He immediately started crying and whining for some.  Unfortunately for Benji, he’s not allowed to have candy.  We pushed off the M&Ms and gave him a pancake.  He also pointed at my bacon and requested some of that, I gave him half a piece.  Ogre gave him a piece of toast, as well. 

Mina began picking up M&Ms and eating just those.  We had to tell her that she needed to eat the pancakes!Then, she noticed my bacon, also.  Looks like Mommy would not be eating bacon this morning.  Mina got a piece.  Now, I was left with 1 and 1/2 pieces of bacon of my 3 pieces.  I buttered my french toast, which prompted Mina to request that her pancakes be buttered and syruped.  Didn’t realize we could make her breakfast any more unhealthy.  I obliged. 

We all ate our breakfast, some of us enjoying it more than others.  Ogre had to excuse himself several times to refill his coffee.  Benjamin tried in vain to ask for some of Mina’s Candy Pancakes.  We denied him everytime.  He would then pick through the pancake where he would see blue or red searching for the elusive M&M.   Then he would cry in failure.  Mina ended up asking for a second piece of bacon and Benji requested the other one.  After Benji was handed the bacon, he looked at Mina and said “Ta ta” (this means “ate” the filipino word for big sister pronounced ah-teh) and reached out to her to hand her the bacon.  When she took it without giving him anything in return, he threw himself back and cried.  Seems as though he thought he’d be trading the bacon for some M&Ms.  Ogre and I smiled at his effort and I felt bad for him.  Ogre accused me of wanting to give him some M&Ms.  Honestly, it did cross my mind, but I don’t want to go down that road with him quite yet!

Benjamin did a great job of eating everything on his plate.  Mina, on the other hand, did not eat much at all.  This made us very suspicious that she was still not feeling 100%.  I kept bugging her about if she needed to puke, but she kept reassuring me that she was fine.  Even though she had not eaten much, I let her stop eating because I did not want to upset her stomach if it was on the edge.

Ogre and I finished up our breakfast and once Ogre got back from another coffee run, I was going to take Mina to the bathroom, but it was occupied.  There is just a one person restroom with no changing stations.  Ogre ended up taking her to the bathroom and then taking Benji to be hosed off.

We packed up and headed south to Hillsboro once we settled our bill.


The food

Classic Breakfast with French ToastI’ll start with my breakfast.  I ordered the Classic Breakfast with French Toast.  My eggs were nicely done, which can be difficult because I order mine “over medium.”  The bacon was average here, not bad, but not like The Original Pancake House.  The defining issue for me was the French toast.  Probably the worst French toast I’ve ever had.  The bread was dry and the egg batter was as if they’d just dipped in straight eggs.  There was no flavor and the texture was like rubber.  Ogre thought it did not look appetizing (I had not even complained to him about it) and when he took a bite, the look on his face personified my thoughts.

Mexican OmletteOgre ordered the Mexican Omelette.  The chorizo was not great, but not necessarily bad.  He described it as average, but much better than my French toast.  He told me I should have steered cleared of the “baked” breakfast dishes.  He is probably right on with that notion.

Mina’s Candy Pancakes were good (I did not take a bite with the candy).  Ogre did and he thought they were super-tasty, but his favorite candy is also M&Ms. 

The coffee was just okay.  Definitely better than Starbucks, but still not my favorite cup of coffee at the various brunch places we frequent.


The service

Again, average.  Ogre actually thought it was even a little below average because he wasn’t very attentive, but whenever I caught sight of him, he was actually doing something for someone so it’s not as if he was slacking and once we requested something he obliged.  He only forgot the extra plate we requested for Benji.  It did take awhile to get our check, but, again, I saw him whipping up some coffees for another table during that time.


The kids

I’d say average on the kid friendliness.  They have a kids menu with quite a few items on it.  For breakfast, Mina could have had bacon and eggs, pancakes, or pigs in a blanket.  The also had some lunch/dinner items on there as well.

I was surprised that they did not hand out crayons and paper since this place seems to advocate and promote local artists.  You and your kids will be left to fend for yourselves against boredom and bad behavior!


The total: 27.87

What did Guidelive say?  I just noticed that they gave it 2 & 1/2 stars.  I’m giving it 3 stars because it was more average than below average (except my French Toast, which was just poor), but for the record, Ogre wanted to give it 2 stars.

This is unconfirmed, but I did hear from another mommy that KIDS EAT FREE Sunday-Thursday AFTER 5PM, she was speaking specifically about the Plano location at GB and Coit.  You may want to call and double check before you go, though!

Rants, Raves, and Ramblings

The entire ride to Hillsboro and while we were there, Mina reassured us that she was feeling well.  We stayed there for about an hour and even got her a Henna tattoo.  Right as the woman finished her tattoo, she said to Ogre, “Papa…I think I’m going to be sick…”  and sure enough, she puked on the side of the building.  Hello Candy Pancakes!  Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day at home.

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