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The experience Today is extremely busy for us.  Started early with hula class followed by a birthday part y for Mina’s friend and then we needed to get home to nap before the circus tonight!  So this meant we needed to eat somewhere quick, close and easy!  Ogre’s suggestion: Taco Delite.  He has been trying [...]

The experience I was Mina’s chauffeur again this evening driving a ways to her hula class.  Ogre and I decided we’d meet after her class and thought that our plan a couple weeks ago to meet halfway would work again, so we decided on the El Chico right by the Bone Daddy’s we went to [...]

Not so Prima Primavera’s

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The experience We used the iPhone again to choose dinner.  We drove over not recalling ever seeing this restaurant, but we had a back up plan in place.  Luckily, we did find it and strolled over.  The kids immediately noticed a frozen yogurt place called “Spoonful” and were already making plans to eat there after [...]

The experience After rushing around all morning and (me) getting up super early to round so Mina could go to hula class this am, we found that there was not hula class today (and believe me, I asked her teacher several times if they had class).   So, here the whole family was at 9 o’clock [...]

Dinner at 15th Street Cafe

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The experience We needed to run some errands again…yes, the fish!  One of our fish actually did die like the Pet Store guy said would happen, but Ogre still needed to change out the water.  So, we had to go to the Pet Store to buy some supplies for him to do that.  Now we [...]

The experience Today was one of those days that reminds me that our lives really revolve around our kids and, right now, Mina.  For lunch, we took back up to L&L Hawaiian BBQ to watch the hula dancers, then back down for her to attend her friend’s birthday party at ASI and then I took Benji [...]

Picasso’s Italian Ristorante

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The experience We headed out to dinner tonight without a good plan so I threw out some suggestions to Ogre as we drove off.  I could not tell which restaurant he was headed to until we were in West Plano and he clued me in, mainly because he was lost.  I told him we were [...]

The only options we had for “a la Carte” dinner on Sunday night was Mexican or Italian.  We were not going to choose Mexican…come on, we’re from Texas!  So we rolled the dice with Il Capriccio.  Unfortunately, I lost. The appetizers/starters are set up at a buffet.  They have a little bar to make your [...]

For the next few posts, I’m going to flush the format a little.  We vacationed and attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic from May 13-18th.  We stayed at the Gran Bahia Prinicipe Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Bouganvilla: “Restaurant International Buffet” We ate here for dinner the first night because we arrived too [...]

The experience Well, we wanted to eat lunch for childsplate today and I suggested either Jason’s Deli or a place I thought was called Delicious and Fit.  When Ogre googled it, Laura’s Bistro came up, which is a relatively new restaurant that took the spot of my beloved Great Outdoors.  We decided we’d try that [...]

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