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Just Liking Logan’s Roadhouse

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The Experience Logan’s Roadhouse opened a new location in Rockwall earlier this month. We had been to the location in Sherman with my inlaws and had a nice time, so we were eager to try the Rockwall location. We first went for lunch on Sunday, but the busy church crowd made us shy away. So, [...]

The experience Dr. Mom would be working this evening so it would be up to me to take Mina to Hula class in Garland with Benji in tow.  I got off a to a start at my regular time only to find lines of cars on my usual route.  I took a few ill-advised shortcuts [...]

Lunch at The Original

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The experience I had the afternoon off today and we’ve been wanting to take the kids to Fort Worth.  One of our favorite places to go is the Japanese Gardens at the Fort Worth Arboretum.  We were actually up and going early enough to head out there.  Of course, a trip to Fort Worth typically [...]

Dinner at Sal’s

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The experience Friday night.  I like to get pizza on Friday nights.  Don’t ask me why.  Even when we weren’t doing this everyday, I like to go out for pizza once a week.  Before we had Benji, we’d go to what was then Double Dave’s (now Chez Joey’s…but was Doughy Joey’s when Ogre reviewed it [...]

The experience Today we are celebrating Oma’s birthday since she will be out of town on her real birthday.  We had explicit instructions to be at The Shire at 6pm with birthday candle in hand.  Well, Team Phipps arrived about 15-20 minutes late as usual.  Not to mention that on the way to the restaurant, [...]

The experience Ogre wanted to try Carolina’s, the restaurant that has taken the place of Mario’s Chiquita on 75 over by Chuy’s.  Sounded like a great plan to me.  We all loaded up and headed over.  The kids were excited about it as we drove up to the restaurant until they realized we were NOT [...]

Long Lunch at the Chart House

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The experience It was our last day of vacation and we decided that we head to the Kemah Boardwalk as it is on the way home.  We tried to eat lunch in Galveston, but the restaurant we chose was closed so we headed on to Kemah.  When we arrived and parked, we ate at the [...]

The experience After a crazy night spent at the local urgent care center for Ogre’s awful migraine, which left me driving back and forth across the island with kids in tow and put me in bed at 5am, I awoke wondering if I’d be going to the spa as planned with Adrienne.  She decided that [...]

The experience We went to the Galveston aquarium today, which by the way, was awesome.  Against Ogre’s better judgement, we decided to head straight from there to dinner.  It was 5 o’clock and we thought it would be fun to take the ferry to Crystal Beach where there was a seafood restaurant that caught Adrienne [...]

The experience We did not leave Dallas til about 4:30PM and the kids (Benji) had not napped all day.  We had not even left Plano when Benji was out  and Mina was soon to follow.  I did not want to risk waking either of them up with any sort of stop, so we drove until [...]

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