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The experience My partner texted me about seeing the fireworks in Rowlett and after I discussed with Ogre, we decided it could work.  I had a birthday party to take the kids to in the afternoon, but we decided we go after and meet my partner and her sweet baby girl for dinner after.  Turned [...]

The experience As dinnertime rolled around, Benji was sleeping peacefully at Lala’s house, so I told Mina that we’d go and get Papa and eat dinner without him and pick him up later.  We headed back to the house to get Ogre and as we drove down our street, we tried to figure out what’s [...]

The experience It was another late start for us tonight as the family waited for me to finish up a meeting downtown before getting dinner.  I suggested Mama’s Pizza in Plano as I’d read that it was what some people considered THE best pizza in town.  We headed over and got there pretty quickly, but [...]

The experience Mina had hula lessons tonight so I called Ogre as we were finishing up to figure out dinner.  He had told me to find some place between here and there as I drove to where she has class, but I did not see much on my way there.  We ended up deciding to [...]

No Mommy at Masami

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The experience Mommy was working this evening so it was dinner time with Papa and the kids.  Mina decided she wanted Japanese and I had no idea where to go.  I was headed to Richardson in the general direction of some Asian restaurants when I recalled a restaurant off of Belt Line.  So we pulled [...]

The experience Somehow I went from craving and wanting Sukiyaki to ending up at a burger joint.  I searched far and wide to find a place that serves Sukiyaki (other than Awaji) and came up with nothing.  I caught Benji’s cold and since I couldn’t have sukiyaki, I figured anything else would be find as long [...]

A Late Dinner at J. Palace

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The experience Well, today, we had to run some errands and, of course, got off to a late start.  We needed to hit Wal-Mart for a few items, so Ogre wanted to eat near the Wal-Mart somewhere.  We are really running low on choices in that area.  Ogre recalled J. Palace (actually, he called it [...]

The experience Mina started hula lessons today, so it was just me and her.  We ended up having to stop off at the hospital for an admission after her dance lesson, so I decided we’d eat in Rowlett so it wouldn’t be too late when we were eating dinner.  Just a few weeks ago, I [...]

The experience Grandpoo and Oma invited us to the Mesquite Rodeo tonight complete with dinner before at Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse…in the arena!  Grandpoo likes to get to places EARLY, which means that for the 6:30 dinner, we had to leave at 5:15, not too bad of an idea considering we would be driving at rush [...]

The experience The pickings are getting pretty slim in Plano for quick Tex Mex.  So, we add to venture to neighboring Richardson for dinner tonight.  I have heard some good things about Dos Charros, so we thought we’d give it a shot.  It was that restaurant or Amigos, but since we did not ever seen [...]

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