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The experience Me and the kids would be eating without Grace this evening, so I invited Oma and Grandpoo.  We left their house without real direction and I suggested the Japan House that I had been eyeballing for a bit.  Grandpoo cautiously agreed and we were parking a few minutes later.  We all headed in [...]

Mina and Maharaja

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The experience This is going to be abbreviated because I wrote the whole post and half of it vanished when I hit save draft!  That is so annoying and it’s not the first time!  Anyway, when I went over to my Mom’s house to pick up Benji, he had not napped yet, so being the [...]

A Country Burger in Suburbia

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The experience I picked up the kids from my parents and drove to our house to get Ogre.  Apparently, Dusty also wanted to eat dinner with us, which I never have a problem with, but always presents a quandary because he is NOT an adventuresome eater (translation: he only likes to eat burgers, pizza, salmon, [...]

The experience  Benji awoke and seemed to be in very good spirits after his evening of fever and vomiting.  We decided we’d trek out for lunch and after some initial indecision, Ogre made the command decision to try Boston Market (which Mina used to think was Steak and Shake because they both have the black [...]

The experience I’ve been craving German food for a couple of weeks now, but previously when I’ve thought of it, it was a Sunday or Monday and the restaurants are closed.  So, I planned ahead and told Ogre earlier this week that we’d be eating German today.  I also told him to invite his parents [...]

The experience Today is Dusty’s birthday and the request was for margaritas and fish tacos.  Would be easy if we didn’t have to hit a new restaurant!  A quick check on Chowhound led me to Agave Azul, which Ogre says he’s been wanting to try also.  Sounded good!  So we all piled into the Tahoe [...]

The experience You may have noticed on my two previous posts, that I’ve been suggesting Steak ‘n Shake for days now.  I’ve been craving a Root Beer Float (pregnancy perk!) and every time I do, Ogre responds, “yeah, well….” and then we go somewhere else.  I recommended it again today and lo and behold, we [...]

The experience You know I had that idea to go to Steak and Shake for a quick dinner yesterday and ended up 30 miles away from home.  I suggested it again today.  Actually, let me back track.  As you know, Mina spends Wednesday evenings with her grandparents, who usually pick her up from school.  Benji [...]

The experience When I called Ogre at 4:30 to tell him I picked up Mina and was headed to my mom’s, he informed me that he had a 7 o’clock meeting in Irving.  Nice heads up.  I asked him if he wanted to eat dinner before and he was a little suspect with his answer.  [...]

Los Charros

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The experience When we were driving around the other day, we noticed that Mario’s Chiquita (home of my beloved flan) is no longer there!  Nope, it now bears the name Carolina’s something or another.  Ogre wanted to check this place out.  I warned him that it was probably not open, so I came up with [...]

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