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The experience Today is Mina’s afternoon to spend with her grandparents and it’s always a conundrum as to eating with or without her. At 5 o’clock, Benji started foraging for food in the kitchen requesting bagels, so i alerted Papa and said we’d better get going.  Luckily, Benji, my little food connoisseur was ready to go [...]

The experience We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, just a few short days and we’ll have eaten at 365 different restaurants over the last 365 days.  There are a couple of places that we’ve had recommended to us that we want to squeeze in, one of them being a Chinese Joint in Dallas.  We’ve [...]

The experience Today Mina had a piano recital to which we all went to, including Grandpoo, Oma, Lolo and Lala.  She played beautifully and I thought we’d go out to dinner after.  Well, that plan fell apart pretty quickly as Lala and Lolo were leaving for Alaska the next morning, and our celebrant, Mina, decided [...]

The experience The first day back from vacation is always so hectic!  Ogre and I had a meeting downtown mid afternoon, I had a patient to admit at the hospital, the kids needed to be picked up and Mina had Hula lessons -not to mention the unpacking, laundry and “pre cleaning” for the maid that [...]

Great Patio at Obzeet

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The experience It cooled off this weekend, and I wanted to find a nice patio where we could eat lunch.  As always, we had a laundry list of errands to run include going to Central Market, so I tried to think of a place near Central Market that would have a patio that was not one [...]

The experience Ogre and Dusty had a business meeting over in Addison, so we decided it would be easiest if we met out there for dinner when they were finished with their meeting.  Ogre told me he’d call before 6:30 to let me know what the deal was, and not surprisingly, he called at about [...]

The experience So today I’d be going alone to dinner after taking Mina to her hula class.  Benji would be along for the ride. Grace claimed there were no restaurants in the area so I figured I be out of luck eating near the class.  On the ride over I saw about 10 restaurants to [...]

A Plano Newbie: Urban Crust

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The experience It was another busy day for Team Phipps.  Benji was still asleep at Lala’s house and we needed to hit the mall (I wanted to buy some gifts from the Disney store for upcoming birthday parties that Mina has been invited to), and buy fish for Ogre and Mina’s fish tank (Mina wanted to [...]

The experience We decided to go to Fogo de Chao for Father’s Day with Ogre and his dad.  (We went out to lunch with my dad).  We arrived to find Oma and Grandpoo already waiting on us as we were about 10 minutes late to arrive.  We were seated right away after that.  We discussed [...]

The experience Ogre has had a hankering for Del’s Charcoal Burgers for a few days now and planned to take Benji here for lunch a few days ago.  I’ve been working downtown the last few days and made plans to meet them for lunch.  Ogre called me and I made sure everyone was tucked in [...]

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