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Tea Party at Into My Garden

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The experience So Grace had arranged a tea party for me and Mina for father’s day at Into My Garden Tearoom in downtown Plano.  Sounded like a fun idea and Mina was very excited.  We arrived to our party and found a table set with some games, princess books and a nice tea set.  Looked [...]

Z’Best Food at Z’Tejas!

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The experience Ahh, another great meal that I’ve been looking forward to!  We were meeting one of my best friends for lunch today (yup, another best friend) since the stars aligned just right and we’d both be in Austin!  She had her two year old, Kaili with her so it would be great for the [...]

The experience Friday night.  Team Phipps likes the casual dinner on Fridays.  We decided on pizza.  We decided to head north as there were a couple of pizza joints we recalled right off 75.  So we drove to Joe’s first.  We looked over and there wasn’t even a sign anymore.  Closed.  No prob, I said, [...]

The experience We planned an excursion today at Fair Park, so we were deciding to either go to La Duni or to Dream Cafe.  We have some friends in town (you met them at Cafe Izmir the other night) and there was a chance that they might meet us for brunch -except that when we [...]

The experience I went to a friend’s baby shower today and one of my children’s favorite people was there, also.  She told me that she had Mina’s present in her car and that after the shower she and her husband were going out to eat.  Since we, of course, were going out to eat, we [...]

The experience Well, Ogre actually wanted to try Brio’stoday in Allen, but after looking at the website (are you proud?  we actually did some research!) I was a little scared off by the prices for a regular old Wednesday night.  I suggested Carrabba’s instead.  I did not see that Ogre had switched over to the [...]

The experience Tomorrow is Lolo’s birthday, BUT he’s working tomorrow night, so we wanted to celebrate with him tonight.  Mina loves birthdays and would not be pleased to not celebrate her Lolo’s birthday.  Ogre and I went hard to work trying to pick a place to eat for my very picky parents.  VERY PICKY.  We [...]

The experience Today the Phipps went adventuring at Fossil Rim Park and Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose.  It was a fun and exciting day for us and the little bit of hiking made it so that we were very ready for dinner when we were done.  On the way in, we caught site [...]

The experience 5 years ago today, the sweetest and cutest little girl was born into the Phipps family, we named her Mina.  We celebrated this day by trying to make it as special as possible…without making a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  That meant starting the day at the Original Pancake House (where service was not that [...]

The experience If you recall, we tried to go to Picasso’s Pizza and Grill over the weekend, but Ogre’s GI illness prevented us from trying it out.  It’s probably a good thing that we decided to just skip it entirely because Ogre would have been excessively sorry had he missed this meal!  Ogre has been wanting [...]

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