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The experience As dinnertime rolled around, Benji was sleeping peacefully at Lala’s house, so I told Mina that we’d go and get Papa and eat dinner without him and pick him up later.  We headed back to the house to get Ogre and as we drove down our street, we tried to figure out what’s [...]

Los Charros

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The experience When we were driving around the other day, we noticed that Mario’s Chiquita (home of my beloved flan) is no longer there!  Nope, it now bears the name Carolina’s something or another.  Ogre wanted to check this place out.  I warned him that it was probably not open, so I came up with [...]

The experience After running a few errands and ending up in Fairview, we decided we’d eat in Allen for dinner.  We’ve always wonder about the bright pink restaurant that is set a little ways back in the Village shopping center and decided we’d try Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse.  The kids mentioned that they were “starving,” [...]

The experience Today I had a day off with no commitments, appointments or anything else that I had to do, so I thought we should go out to breakfast.  Unfortunately, pickings are getting VERY slim for breakfast choices that we haven’t eaten at already this year!  The only restaurant that I could think of that [...]

The experience We ended up near Allen around lunch time as we wanted to take some pictures of the kids in the Indian Blankets.  I love the Indian Paintbrushes and Indian Blankets (my favorite color is orange!).  By the time we finished taking a few pics, I was hot, nauseated, and hungry.  Ogre tried to [...]

Wieners At Wienerschnitzel

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The experience We we looking for a quick meal this day and I had a sudden craving for a hot dog.  I suggested Wienerschnitzel.  Grace had already eaten but she could have ice cream.  The kids approved of the choice, so off we went.  We pulled up and noticed the Zoo Cuts next door.  Grace [...]

The experience Today we headed out for lunch and I gave Ogre three options, he headed to Jason’s Deli, which was actually the last restaurant of choice, but would still do.  We walked in and, once again, were lucky to beat the rush and ordered straight away.  Benji was happy to stand with us as [...]

The experience Today was Benji’s birthday and I had to take Mina shopping so she could buy him a gift.  I also had to catch up on a good bit of work so it was already early afternoon and I still had to squeeze in lunch for the blog.  I went to grab Mina from [...]

The experience Today we decided to eat Indian food.  I know, JC’s Burger’s House does not sound like and Indian restaurant.  That’s because it’s not.  The restaurant we planned to go to was closed.  We find it random, but they are closed every Wednesday.  We asked Mina if she’d rather have burgers or pizza and [...]

The experience So Grace was still down for the count with the illness and Benji still wasn’t eating much so I figured it best if I just took Mina someplace.  It was already getting late so we jumped in the car and I just started driving.  This is pretty much what this has come to [...]

About Child's Plate chronicles our journey to find the perfect family restaurant. We are looking for restaurants with excellent food and a great attitude towards kids, even the whiny, cranky ones! We will be headed out to a different restaurant every single day to provide ourselves (and you) with some entertainment and good information about DFW area restaurants. We hope you will visit frequently and use our experiences to create some fun dining experiences of your own! Watch out, DFW, the Phipps family is going out to eat!

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