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The experience I’ve been craving German food for a couple of weeks now, but previously when I’ve thought of it, it was a Sunday or Monday and the restaurants are closed.  So, I planned ahead and told Ogre earlier this week that we’d be eating German today.  I also told him to invite his parents [...]

The experience Last night’s storm made for a later morning for me this morning and, thus, later getting home from rounding.  I suggested we get a quick bite for lunch somewhere and Ogre did not want to waste a meal out so he turned it into our childsplate adventure for the day.  We decided on [...]

The experience Ogre was going out of town today so I was left with the kids and planning our mealtime outings.  It was complicated by the fact that Mina was in school and spends the evenings with Grandpoo and Oma, as well as the fact that Ogre totally misunderstood my work schedule and planned to [...]

The experience On one of my few mornings off with much to do the rest of the day, Ogre and I decided to go on a breakfast date…with Benji.  Aren’t I a lucky lady??!  Unfortunately, these last minute decisions are difficult with time running thin so we decided to head to a new Panera we saw [...]

The experience We were on the way home from Houston today and had a late breakfast, which was forced us to abort our initial plan to eat lunch just north of Houston.  We were still way too full.  Instead, Ogre awoke me from my nap in the car wanting to stop for sandwiches at Collin [...]

Zaguan to Houston

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The experience This weekend our adventuring was taking us to Houston with my parents and we thought we’d stop for breakfast on the way out.  I’ve been wanting to try and Ogre has recommended Zaguan off 75.  Of course, I had a coupon, but didn’t bring it with us, but we decided to eat at [...]

The experience Obviously, this was Mina’s weekend.  There are three places that Mina ever wants to go to for breakfast: the “Pancake House” (Original Pancake House), the “waffle place” (Waffle House), and the “Guava Cheese Bread place” (that’s where we went today: La Duni).  It was easy enough enough since we’d be spending the day [...]

The experience Ogre and I decided to effectively communicate so we didn’t have a breakfast fiasco like yesterday.  I told him I would get home from rounding and we could eat breakfast.  There was a slight wrench in the plans because I’d have to go to the hospital after brunch.  We planned to stay close [...]

How does your child end up in the buff in his car seat after lunch??  It’s another Phipps family fiasco! But first, let’s get down to business… The experience Celebrity Cafe and Bakery in Plano sits in a strip mall, but once inside there is a quaint space dressed like a tea room.  You pick your [...]

About Child's Plate chronicles our journey to find the perfect family restaurant. We are looking for restaurants with excellent food and a great attitude towards kids, even the whiny, cranky ones! We will be headed out to a different restaurant every single day to provide ourselves (and you) with some entertainment and good information about DFW area restaurants. We hope you will visit frequently and use our experiences to create some fun dining experiences of your own! Watch out, DFW, the Phipps family is going out to eat!

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