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The experience It was another late start for us tonight as the family waited for me to finish up a meeting downtown before getting dinner.  I suggested Mama’s Pizza in Plano as I’d read that it was what some people considered THE best pizza in town.  We headed over and got there pretty quickly, but [...]

The experience Today was one of those days that reminds me that our lives really revolve around our kids and, right now, Mina.  For lunch, we took back up to L&L Hawaiian BBQ to watch the hula dancers, then back down for her to attend her friend’s birthday party at ASI and then I took Benji [...]

The experience Me and the kids would be eating without Grace this evening, so I invited Oma and Grandpoo.  We left their house without real direction and I suggested the Japan House that I had been eyeballing for a bit.  Grandpoo cautiously agreed and we were parking a few minutes later.  We all headed in [...]

The experience Today is Lala and Lolo’s anniversary and I managed to invite myself to their going out to dinner plans.  Mom kept saying we were eating at Best Buy.  They could not remember the name of the restaurant, but I was able to figure out what they were talking about and able to relay [...]

The experience Mina was at church with her grandparents, so it would just be the Benji at dinner tonight kid-wise.  Ogre was in Irving all day, so we decided to meet halfway-ish in Addison for dinner.  There’s a place that was recommended to me long a go by a good friend (the Irving location actually), [...]

We came here for a wedding and all the guests were invited to the “BBQ restaurant” on Friday night. We actually ate here the night before as it was the only “A la Carte” restaurant available Thursday night (the process of making reservations at the “A la Carte” restaurants was ridiculous!).  And it’s a misnomer, [...]

Las Olas: “Beach Snack Bar” This is where we ate lunch at EVERY DAY.  It is also a buffet.  During off hours, it’s the only place to get food.  They claim to be open from 10am – 6pm.  Of course, when we ate here on Sunday, they didn’t put hot food out until 12pm, so [...]

For the next few posts, I’m going to flush the format a little.  We vacationed and attended a wedding in the Dominican Republic from May 13-18th.  We stayed at the Gran Bahia Prinicipe Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Bouganvilla: “Restaurant International Buffet” We ate here for dinner the first night because we arrived too [...]

The experience Well, I told Ogre I wanted Greek food because I was kind of craving a soup one of our readers has mentioned (I think it’s like  a lemon chicken soup).  I did not necessarily tell Ogre why I wanted Greek food.  Anyway, yesterday, he saw a new Mediterranean place in the Shire and [...]

The experience I have been craving salad and soups lately, so Ogre suggested Souper Salad.  I was wary.  He said that he used to eat here 2-3 times a week when he was a teenager!  Yowsers.  I caved, but decided we’d spare Mina the torture by going at lunch while she was at school.  When [...]

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