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The experience One of my friends from high school contacted me and I was able to get a hold of her after I finished rounding.  Just like that we made lunch plans.  Thank goodness it was cool with Ogre ’cause I’d already made plans with a place and time for lunch in a couple of [...]

The experience Ogre and I decided to go out to lunch with Benji today.  My parents were unavailable to babysit him today and I returned from rounding in time to grab lunch with the boys. I can’t go too far, and the pickings are getting slim in the Plano area, but we recalled that we [...]

The experience I’m writing this over a week after actually going there, so my recollection of the experience is not going to go so well.  I know that Ogre and Mina love this place and in the past, I’ve been a little bit “iffy” about reviewing it for childsplate.  Afterall, it’s Hooters.  That just doesn’t [...]

The experience Today we headed out for lunch and I gave Ogre three options, he headed to Jason’s Deli, which was actually the last restaurant of choice, but would still do.  We walked in and, once again, were lucky to beat the rush and ordered straight away.  Benji was happy to stand with us as [...]

No Grace at Grandy’s

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The experience Today was another day with Dr. Mom away at work.  So me and the kids would be on our own.  Mina said she wanted to try the place she saw the day before.  I recalled she had noticed Grandy’s.  Yep, that’s what she wanted to have.  Hadn’t been there in eons, so what [...]

The experience Last night’s storm made for a later morning for me this morning and, thus, later getting home from rounding.  I suggested we get a quick bite for lunch somewhere and Ogre did not want to waste a meal out so he turned it into our childsplate adventure for the day.  We decided on [...]

The experience Team Phipps was in a going out to breakfast kind of mood today.  I finished rounding and found the kids and Ogre just about ready to head out.  Problem was that we had no idea where we could this morning.  We wanted to kill two birds with one stone, so Ogre headed to [...]

The experience Today we were against wrought with the decision of what to eat for dinner tonight.  Nothing interesting came to mind and Ogre heard a Macaroni Grill commercial on the radio TWICE in arow and he must’ve taken it as a sign that we should here tonight.  I wondered if we had already eaten [...]

Huong Ly

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We can’t find the cord to download pictures of the sony camera, so no pics for now.  Sorry! The experience Ogre keeps threatening me with eating at Whataburger.   I think that would make me sick if I ate there right now.  I countered with “I need to eat soup.”  I won.  We ended up at [...]

Fooled at Fuel City

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The experience Today is my real birthday and Ogre planned a Phipps family excursion to Scarborough Faire.  We planned to stop at Fuel City as we read in the Observer that they have “the best street tacos” and have heard this from other sources as well.  We see Fuel City every time we head to [...]

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