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Dim Sum at Maxim’s

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The experience We decided it would be fun to do Dim Sum today.  We were getting a somewhat late start, so we were worried about the crowds.  We decided on Maxim’s, which seems to be the other place to get Dim Sum around here (Kirin Court being the other, but I’ll admit that I like [...]

We came here for a wedding and all the guests were invited to the “BBQ restaurant” on Friday night. We actually ate here the night before as it was the only “A la Carte” restaurant available Thursday night (the process of making reservations at the “A la Carte” restaurants was ridiculous!).  And it’s a misnomer, [...]

The experience We thought we’d brave the threat of a ridiculously long wait and attempt Kirin Court again.  The last time we came, we bailed because it was going to be an hour and half wait!!  We decided that there were some alternatives if it was too packed so we drove into Richardson.  When we [...]

The experience The day started off very early for the Phipps household.  Normally, on the weekends, Mina might get up around 8:30 and Benji will sleep unti at least 9 o’clock.  I had to round this morning, but since I didn’t have to fight traffic, I thought I would sleep a few minutes later than [...]

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