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SORRY THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED!!   The experience Today was a busy day for us.  Ogre and I were going to an engagement party for our dear friends, Carolyn and Brian.  Oma and Grandpoo were coming over to babysit the kids while we had some fun interacting with kids our own age.  We would be [...]

The experience Tonight we decided to eat at Jorg’s Cafe Vienna because they were having an Oktoberfest celebration with live music and free giveaways.  After last night’s fleecing, something free might be nice.  We wanted to get there early because Jorg’s is pretty intimate and we didn’t want to wait around.  When we arrived, there was a [...]

No Firesales at Fireside Pies!

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The experience It’s another beautiful September day in Texas.  Ogre wants to eat on a patio.  We get going pretty early tonight.  Apparently, Ogre hasn’t eaten all day, he told me he didn’t want screw up the childsplate timing for dinner.  I told him I ate lunch at 3 o’clock.  He looks a little hurt.  Oh [...]

The experience As you may know, I worked last night and I would be going to a continuing medical education work function tonight; eager to participate in another feeding fiasco, I sacrificed sleep to have a breakfast date with my two favorite guys, Benji and Ogre.  I gave Ogre a couple of suggestions and we [...]

The experience It would be another long night for Dr. Mom, so Mr. Mom would be on his own again this evening.  I decided on Balls Hamburgers, a local hamburger joint I used to frequent on occasion at one of my previous jobs. Mina had decided on the way home from school that she didn’t want [...]

The experience Once again, our original plans for dining were thwarted.  We wanted to go to Jorg’s in historic downtown Plano, but it is closed on Sunday…Monday…AND Tuesday.  We had a back up plan, though, as we recalled there were a couple days a week that they were closed.  We’d head to Kelly’s Eastside right [...]

The experience So after 36 days straight without going to some of Mina’s favorite places due to our desire to steer clear of the more chain-type restaurants.  I finally decided I would give into her desire to go eat at California Pizza Kitchen in The Shops of Willow Bend in Plano.  She loves this location [...]

The experience I have been wanting to get together with my good friends, Ashish and Reina, to hear about their recent international travel.  We were finally able to coordinate our schedules for dinner tonight.  I left it up to them to decide where we’d have dinner.   They are both vegetarian, so I wanted to make [...]

The experience Mina was starting Young Chef’s Academy today and I had to pick her up at 5 so it would be an early dinner. I would be out at Preston and Spring Creek, so I figured I’d find something there.  I didn’t bother to look before I left.  The kids and I would be [...]

The experience We were reminded a week or so ago about a great little local spot here in Plano by one of the comments we received.  We decided that tonight (a Friday) would be a great night to go so that we wouldn’t have to battle others going out in Dallas or even some of [...]

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