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The experience I mentioned Razoo’s yesterday and I guess Ogre has been thinking about since because he brings it up at 5 o’clock.  Unfortunately, Benji is down for a nap.  He doesn’t wake up until 7pm.  We try to book it out the door and here comes Mina all decked out for dinner.     [...]

Blew Mesa Grill

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The experience This place couldn’t have had a better set up for a great review.  It has been a long time since we ate at this restaurant.  The last time Ogre and I went, we were still dating and the corn was way too spicy for me.  But at Christmas last year, we had them cater [...]

The experience I have been looking for a Caribbean restaurant since we moved here from Nashville, but have not been to a single one since we moved here. Ogre remembered that there was one called Taste of the Islands in Plano so we thought this would be a great adventure for us.

Olympic Gold at May Dragon

In: 5 stars, Addison, Chinese, Dinner, Lunch

The experience After an exhausting afternoon taking an advantage of Texas Tax Free Holiday, we were off to dinner.  We decided on an old friend, May Dragon.  Dubbed the only Four Star Chinese Restaurant in Dallas.  They seated us promptly.  We are always concerned that one day this wonderful secret will be unearthed and we’ll [...]

The Experience Solo night 3. I think we’re nearing 50% sans wife. Just when I think we can’t get any later a start than yesterday. No Dusty this time so, its just the three of us. Considering the time, I decide on two places very close to home. Pho Que Huong or Napoli’s. I let Mina decide. She [...]

Passable at Posado’s

In: 2 stars, Dinner, Mexican, Plano

The Experience Another solo night and we get off to a late start.  Mina asks for Chili’s, yet again.  Dusty also joins in for a second round.  It’s only on the ride over that Dusty finally realizes exactly what we are doing with our eating out challenge.  He suggested I break the rules since Grace [...]

The kids are 25% German and it must be in their blood to love sausage… The experience I had to smile a lot at lunch earlier today.  For some reason, this can give me quite the headache later in the day.   Unfortunately for me, or perhaps, the husband and kids, the headache started right as [...]

Sushi Research At Sushi Awaji

In: 5 stars, Dinner, Irving, Lunch, Plano, Sushi

I’m a very excited to share with you one of our favorite restaruants in Plano.  It’ll be awhile before we return because of this whole blogging thing so I savored every moment… The experience There is one thing that Mina does not let us forget when we go to Sushi Awaji.  Her bento box.  This [...]

BBQ and The Beast

In: 2 stars, BBQ, Dinner, Plano

The Experience Day two and I was already going solo to dinner with the kids. The wife was working overnight so it fell to me to keep the “dream” alive. So my first thoughts were, “Since we won’t be going back for a year, where can I go that won’t irritate the wife?” That made [...]

The experience: “He didn’t take a nap today.”  This is never the statement you want to hear before taking your kids out to dinner to an untried restaurant.  We hopped in the car not knowing where we’d eat dinner and as we discussed our options, little Benji fell asleep.  We settled on Brooklyn’s, a restaurant [...]

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