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The experience Again, this is being written about a week out, so I cannot remember details about dinner.  I do know that we decided to eat at Greek Islesin pursuit of the lemon soup, which escaped us when we ate at Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery.  We were seated right away and the restaurant was not [...]

The experience Well, I told Ogre I wanted Greek food because I was kind of craving a soup one of our readers has mentioned (I think it’s like  a lemon chicken soup).  I did not necessarily tell Ogre why I wanted Greek food.  Anyway, yesterday, he saw a new Mediterranean place in the Shire and [...]

The experience Today Grace was working till around lunch so I packed up the kids once Benji finally decided to wake up and we headed towards downtown to meet up with Mommy as she got off work.  We were deciding between a crepe place or Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill.  We had been wanting to go to Fadi’s [...]

The experience I kept Mina out of school today since she wasn’t quite 24 hours over her GI bug.  The kids spent the day at Lolo and Lala’s.  I did not think Mina needed to go out again tonight for dinner even though she’d been fine all day today, so we picked up Benji and [...]

Insanely Good Hummus at Izmir Deli

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The experience The plan was perfect. Grace was working overnight at the hospital and we were trying to get more restaurants from Dallas into the mix. So not only would I add another Dallas restaurant, I would get some husband brownie points for delivery dinner to my overworked wife. So, first, me and the kids [...]

About Child's Plate chronicles our journey to find the perfect family restaurant. We are looking for restaurants with excellent food and a great attitude towards kids, even the whiny, cranky ones! We will be headed out to a different restaurant every single day to provide ourselves (and you) with some entertainment and good information about DFW area restaurants. We hope you will visit frequently and use our experiences to create some fun dining experiences of your own! Watch out, DFW, the Phipps family is going out to eat!

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