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Mina and Maharaja

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The experience This is going to be abbreviated because I wrote the whole post and half of it vanished when I hit save draft!  That is so annoying and it’s not the first time!  Anyway, when I went over to my Mom’s house to pick up Benji, he had not napped yet, so being the [...]

The experience It was another night of “What do you want to do for dinner?” …”I dunno. What do you wanna do?”  “I dunno.  Whatever.”  Well, we finally settled on Chettinaad, where we tried to eat last week and found it closed on a Tuesday!  We drove out there, headed in and were seated right away.  [...]

The experience Earlier today, I told Ogre that I wanted to eat at Vietnamese restaurant.  While we were at home, Ogre changed it to Star of Siam, which was fine with me.  THEN, when we got in the truck to eat, Ogre decides, nah, he’s in the mood for Indian food.  Sheesh. We let Mina decide [...]

Sleeping at the Saffron House

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The experience As is typical for the Phipps family, as I drove home from work, I called Ogre to see what the plans were for dinner.  Of course, there were none.  In fact, he was across town in Irving.  We eventually decided that I would pick up the children and meet in Addison for dinner.  [...]

The experience So I’ve been seeing this place off the highway since as long as I can remember. My parents really never ate Indian food, so there was good reason we never went as a kid. I can’t say why I haven’t tried it since then. But since we started this, I’ve been talking about [...]

Killer Clay Pit Pizza

In: 4 stars, Addison, Buffet, Dinner, Healthy, Indian, Patio

The experience I had to drive to Duncanville mid afternoon so I would be hitting downtown right a 5.  Seeing as I would be stuck in traffic for some time we opted to meet halfway.  After several phone calls we decided we would try to go to The Clay Pit on Beltline in Addison.  As [...]

Messy at Masala Wok

In: 3 stars, Dinner, Indian, Irving, Lunch, Plano

The experience Today we spent all day at home, which is very unusual for us.  Of course, we HAVE to go out to eat at least once, so off we went to dinner.  I had no idea where we were going.  Ogre and Mina apparently had discussed this and Mina had chosen, but when I [...]

The experience Perhaps we should name this the “Is Benji going to fall asleep on the way to the restaurant blog.”  Today, the answer was yes, again.  Ogre and I chose to go to Akbar Indian Restaurant in Plano so that we could use our recently purchased Entertainment Passbook -afterall, I forgot to use it [...]

The experience It’s another night working at the hospital for me, so we had to hit a restaurant in West Plano.  Mina was not with us tonight as she had a prior committment tonight -music class with Oma and Grandpoo.  After some discussion adhead of time, we chose Roti Grill.  Benjamin and I drove together [...]

Igor and Iravat and Mina

In: 3 stars, Buffet, Dinner, Indian, Lunch, Plano

The experience So the original plan called for us to go to Fishmonger’s.  I had actually decided on a restaurant a decent time in advance and was pleased with myself.  I picked up Mina from Lolo’s early to take her to see Igor as I promised.  Dr. Mom was working and suggested it would be [...]

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