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I’m talking about Compari’s in Plano. Here is the link to last year’s post:  Compari’s Exactly one year ago today, we ate Compari’s.  It was Mina’s first day of Kindergarten and we let her pick the restaurant.  She picked Compari’s because they have coloring on the tables and she loves their food.  We loved their [...]

Not so Prima Primavera’s

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The experience We used the iPhone again to choose dinner.  We drove over not recalling ever seeing this restaurant, but we had a back up plan in place.  Luckily, we did find it and strolled over.  The kids immediately noticed a frozen yogurt place called “Spoonful” and were already making plans to eat there after [...]

Picasso’s Italian Ristorante

In: 2 stars, Dinner, Italian, Lunch, Plano

The experience We headed out to dinner tonight without a good plan so I threw out some suggestions to Ogre as we drove off.  I could not tell which restaurant he was headed to until we were in West Plano and he clued me in, mainly because he was lost.  I told him we were [...]

The only options we had for “a la Carte” dinner on Sunday night was Mexican or Italian.  We were not going to choose Mexican…come on, we’re from Texas!  So we rolled the dice with Il Capriccio.  Unfortunately, I lost. The appetizers/starters are set up at a buffet.  They have a little bar to make your [...]

The experience Today, I decided I was in the mood for pizza.  It’s getting harder and harder to find a pizza joint we haven’t hit yet.  Ogre must have spent an hour searching on line for somewhere relatively close for us to eat at.  It was between this and another place that boasted “St. Louis [...]

The experience Today we were against wrought with the decision of what to eat for dinner tonight.  Nothing interesting came to mind and Ogre heard a Macaroni Grill commercial on the radio TWICE in arow and he must’ve taken it as a sign that we should here tonight.  I wondered if we had already eaten [...]

The experience Well, Ogre was having a late meeting tonight.  My original plan to take Mina out to eat after I ran to the hospital was canned by Mina, who wanted to go to Lala’s house instead of coming to the hospital with me.  So, it was getting late and I had to take both kids [...]

The experience As we drove out of our garage, it started to rain and the temperature was steadily dropping.  Ugh!  We decided to stay in Plano for dinner and shoot for something that wouldn’t take too long.  I really like to go somewhere that the kids will like on the weekends, so I narrowed it [...]

The experience Well, Ogre informed me today that I forgot to write this post.  I’d actually written Saturday’s post already and was waiting for him to write/post his Thursday night before posting my Saturday post.  Well, here I sit trying to recall the events of FRIDAY night’s dinner.  I know that I was the one [...]

The experience Today is really Lala’s birthday.  Mina was very excited to go to Lala’s house and drop off her gifts.  After that, we planned to go out to eat.  We decided to go to Brio’s as I was craving an adult beverage (I don’t have many days when I am not on call).  I called to [...]

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