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Umeko: Sushi and Grill

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The experience Tonight I was in the mood for Sukiyaki.  I remembered driving by Umeko on the way home from Ferrari’s the other night and thought we’d try that.  I drove home to get Ogre and had to remind him that dinner with his family was more important than work, so we dragged him with [...]

The experience Today we decided we’d eat Asian food.  It was either a Korean place we hadn’t eaten at before or sushi place we hadn’t eaten at before.  Mina picked sushi.  I knew she would.  We went to Avocado California Roll and Sushi.  Before we left, we had to pack up the sushi playset and [...]

The experience I went to a friend’s baby shower today and one of my children’s favorite people was there, also.  She told me that she had Mina’s present in her car and that after the shower she and her husband were going out to eat.  Since we, of course, were going out to eat, we [...]

The experience Tomorrow is Lolo’s birthday, BUT he’s working tomorrow night, so we wanted to celebrate with him tonight.  Mina loves birthdays and would not be pleased to not celebrate her Lolo’s birthday.  Ogre and I went hard to work trying to pick a place to eat for my very picky parents.  VERY PICKY.  We [...]

The experience Ahh, another night at the hospital for me tonight, which meant that we’d have to eat dinner early so I could eat dinner with my little family.  I gave Ogre the choice of BBQ or Asian food, he chose Asian Food.  He picked a restaurant close to our house so that we could [...]

The experience 5 years ago today, the sweetest and cutest little girl was born into the Phipps family, we named her Mina.  We celebrated this day by trying to make it as special as possible…without making a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  That meant starting the day at the Original Pancake House (where service was not that [...]

The experience It was, once again, Mina’s day to attend Young Chef’s Academy in West Plano so we had previously made plans to go to Japon Steak and Sushi right next door based on a reader suggestion.  Grace was busy so I took Mina to school this time and she arrived after class with Benji [...]

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