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The experience You may have noticed on my two previous posts, that I’ve been suggesting Steak ‘n Shake for days now.  I’ve been craving a Root Beer Float (pregnancy perk!) and every time I do, Ogre responds, “yeah, well….” and then we go somewhere else.  I recommended it again today and lo and behold, we [...]

The experience I have been craving salad and soups lately, so Ogre suggested Souper Salad.  I was wary.  He said that he used to eat here 2-3 times a week when he was a teenager!  Yowsers.  I caved, but decided we’d spare Mina the torture by going at lunch while she was at school.  When [...]

The experience As Mina and I were headed home to pick up Ogre for dinner, I got paged by the hospital.  Looked like I’d be doing another admission tonight.  Unfortunately, that meant a quicker, closer dinner than what I had planned.  I gave Ogre some choices and we headed in that direction.  As we neared [...]

The experience Ugh!  I’m a day behind on these blog posts; hopefully, I’ll get caught up today!  Last night, I thought I’d be going back up to the hospital for an admission, so we wanted to stay close and NOT do fondue like Ogre wanted to do.  Italian sounded good and we’d talked for some [...]

The experience So obviously today would be a crazy busy day.  Dr. Mom was working I need to bake cookies and finish up last minute errands with the kids.  There was a chance that Grace would be able to meet us for lunch. That was the plan as Oma and Grandpoo were coming over later [...]

The experience Grace was working late again this morning, so she advised I take the kids to breakfast if we were to do anything today.  So, one I got the kids ready we headed out with no place in mind.  I’m not really a breakfast fan so my knowledge of breakfast restaurants is limited.  Mina [...]

The experience So today was Thanksgiving, and I did a bit of research yesterday and only found some high end non-chain restaurants open.  I did see Humperdink’s was open but didn’t settle on anything.  We thought we might be able to pull of breakfast, but Dr. Mom was working and the kids woke up late [...]

The experience Tonight Grace had to go back to work at the hospital in Dallas so we decided we’d eat somewhere south today. Grace has had her eye on Pluckers ever since she saw the billboard off Lovers that advertised the place with the midsections of some overweight men in tighty whiteys with the slogan “Bodies [...]

The experience Today we were taking a day trip to Hillsboro to experience Middlefaire.  We thought we’d stop for breakfast somewhere that was right off the highway and on our way.  Cafe Brazil would fit the bill perfectly.  We were concerned that it would be packed because it was a Saturday morning at peak brunch [...]

The Experience Ogre considered going to Central Market last night, but I told him that TUESDAY night, KIDS EAT FREE, so we decided we’d head there tonight.  An added bonus is that my dad (Lolo) is working tonight, so he’d be able to pop in and sit with us for a bit.  Mina was very [...]

About Child's Plate chronicles our journey to find the perfect family restaurant. We are looking for restaurants with excellent food and a great attitude towards kids, even the whiny, cranky ones! We will be headed out to a different restaurant every single day to provide ourselves (and you) with some entertainment and good information about DFW area restaurants. We hope you will visit frequently and use our experiences to create some fun dining experiences of your own! Watch out, DFW, the Phipps family is going out to eat!

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