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Deja Vu at Chang Jin

In: 3 stars, Dinner, Korean, Lunch, Richardson

The experience I have been thinking about this “new” Korean restaurant in Richardson where many of my other favorite Asian restaurants are so when Ogre and Mina brought up Korean food, it immediately came to mind.  Ogre suggested some other restaurants in Dallas, but Benji has been a bad mood ALL day, so I thought [...]

The experience Ogre joked that I’d been preparing for this meal all day.  We ate breakfast at Magnolia Cafe and then met some friend for lunch (we only had ceviche since it was so close to when we ate breakfast) so by the time dinner rolled around I was STARVING.  I planned to eat here before [...]

The experience I was going to start out by saying that it is going to be an interesting next few days, but then I realized that would be a lie because tonight’s meal was very, very far from interesting.  You see, Ogre is out of town and we are staying with my parents until he [...]

The experience It’s a slippery slope, my friends.  The suggestion by Ogre’s best friend, Dusty, was to go to Pei Wei…his treat, he received a $50 gift card for Christmas.  Ogre’s argument, Mina and I went to PF Chang’s.  Now, I am not going to deny my sweet little girl a restaurant because it’s chain-y.  [...]

Kal Bee House

In: 3 stars, Carrollton, Dinner, Korean, Lunch, Sushi

The experience Ogre and I had some last minute shopping to do today and dumped the kids off at my mom’s house.  We picked them up around 5:30 for dinner.  All afternoon, I was craving Korean food and by the time we were headed out to dinner, I was starving!!  I searched the internet for [...]

Jin Mi..na

In: 2 stars, Dinner, Korean, Plano

The Experience We decide early on (we’re starting to get the hang of this) to hit one of our favorite Korean restaurants, Jin Mi. We had the plan all worked out, I was going to pick up Mina from school, run an errand, and call Ogre on my way home so that he was ready [...]

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