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Great Patio at Obzeet

In: 4 stars, Dallas, Dinner, Lunch, Patio, sandwiches

The experience It cooled off this weekend, and I wanted to find a nice patio where we could eat lunch.  As always, we had a laundry list of errands to run include going to Central Market, so I tried to think of a place near Central Market that would have a patio that was not one [...]

No Mommy at El Norte Grill

In: 4 stars, Dinner, Mexican, Patio, Plano

The experience So Benji decided to finally take a nap at around 5PM today.  And then he decided he would sleep till the next day.  So around 8PM, we decided that I would take Mina out to eat with Dusty and bring her something back.  I decided for quick Mexican and recalled a place that [...]

The experience So I actually decide to plan ahead this evening.  I have to admit that this is one of the few times that email ads have worked on me.  I got an email to go to Joe’s Crab Shack on Valentine’s day for crab.  Sounded good and it beats the game of who can [...]

Chow Down at Cheddar’s

In: 3 stars, American, Dinner, Garland, Patio

The experience So first off, if you read this one once before it was different.  Its not a trick.  Grace had written this the first time but then our server went down and we lost it.  So here is my version.  Mina was out late with my parents on her usual Wednesday night so when [...]

Killer Clay Pit Pizza

In: 4 stars, Addison, Buffet, Dinner, Healthy, Indian, Patio

The experience I had to drive to Duncanville mid afternoon so I would be hitting downtown right a 5.  Seeing as I would be stuck in traffic for some time we opted to meet halfway.  After several phone calls we decided we would try to go to The Clay Pit on Beltline in Addison.  As [...]

The experience I forgot that Ogre and Mina just had Mediterranean food last night and suggested Ali Baba, a restaurant Ogre has been wanting to try for months now.  Apparently, Ogre forgot also as he happily agreed.  Our other child, Benji, was still at Lala’s house.  Last night, he fell asleep before Ogre picked him [...]

The experience Grace was working late this evening, so I went to pick up Mina from school.  It was already getting late and Grace said she’d be a the hospital for another hour.  So I was going to head out with the kids alone.  After having nixed a few ideas of Mina’s due to the [...]

Cuckoo for Los Cucos

In: 4 stars, Dinner, Houston, Lunch, Mexican, Patio, Plano

The experience We were out running errands this afternoon and were trying to decide on a place to eat for lunch.  It was originally going to revolve around the mall so we could go to do some Christmas Shopping but it was getting late so we just decided to go to the new Los Cucos [...]

The experience After I rounded this morning, Ogre called me to ask about lunch with the kids.  I was actually on my way to see my business partner to drop off Ogre’s gift to her husband.  We decided it’d be best to meet for lunch in Dallas so I’d have time to visit while they [...]

The experience So today was Thanksgiving, and I did a bit of research yesterday and only found some high end non-chain restaurants open.  I did see Humperdink’s was open but didn’t settle on anything.  We thought we might be able to pull of breakfast, but Dr. Mom was working and the kids woke up late [...]

About Child's Plate chronicles our journey to find the perfect family restaurant. We are looking for restaurants with excellent food and a great attitude towards kids, even the whiny, cranky ones! We will be headed out to a different restaurant every single day to provide ourselves (and you) with some entertainment and good information about DFW area restaurants. We hope you will visit frequently and use our experiences to create some fun dining experiences of your own! Watch out, DFW, the Phipps family is going out to eat!

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