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Dinner at Sal’s

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The experience Friday night.  I like to get pizza on Friday nights.  Don’t ask me why.  Even when we weren’t doing this everyday, I like to go out for pizza once a week.  Before we had Benji, we’d go to what was then Double Dave’s (now Chez Joey’s…but was Doughy Joey’s when Ogre reviewed it [...]

The experience It was another late start for us tonight as the family waited for me to finish up a meeting downtown before getting dinner.  I suggested Mama’s Pizza in Plano as I’d read that it was what some people considered THE best pizza in town.  We headed over and got there pretty quickly, but [...]

The experience Today was one of those days that reminds me that our lives really revolve around our kids and, right now, Mina.  For lunch, we took back up to L&L Hawaiian BBQ to watch the hula dancers, then back down for her to attend her friend’s birthday party at ASI and then I took Benji [...]

A Plano Newbie: Urban Crust

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The experience It was another busy day for Team Phipps.  Benji was still asleep at Lala’s house and we needed to hit the mall (I wanted to buy some gifts from the Disney store for upcoming birthday parties that Mina has been invited to), and buy fish for Ogre and Mina’s fish tank (Mina wanted to [...]

The experience When I called Ogre at 4:30 to tell him I picked up Mina and was headed to my mom’s, he informed me that he had a 7 o’clock meeting in Irving.  Nice heads up.  I asked him if he wanted to eat dinner before and he was a little suspect with his answer.  [...]

The experience Today we went to Parent-Teacher Conference at Mina’s school and found that Mina did very well excelling in all of her subjects.  We though we would treat her to pizza, which we know is a favorite of hers.  I called my dad’s house to see if Benji was awake and I assumed that [...]

…or so it seemed having had such bland, unimpressive food for days on end. We had to eat breakfast at the buffet at the resort and after a grueling trip to the airport from our resort, we settled into the food court at the Punta Cana airport.  My initial plan was to eat at an [...]

The experience Today, I decided I was in the mood for pizza.  It’s getting harder and harder to find a pizza joint we haven’t hit yet.  Ogre must have spent an hour searching on line for somewhere relatively close for us to eat at.  It was between this and another place that boasted “St. Louis [...]

The experience As we drove out of our garage, it started to rain and the temperature was steadily dropping.  Ugh!  We decided to stay in Plano for dinner and shoot for something that wouldn’t take too long.  I really like to go somewhere that the kids will like on the weekends, so I narrowed it [...]

Pizza at Ferrari’s Pizzeria

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The experience It was such a beautiful day out today that I searched for patio restaurants in Plano.  Since we were unable to have pizza the other night, I was excited to find a pizza place in Plano with a patio that we hadn’t eaten at yet!  Unfortunately, I had an evening admission to do [...]

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