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Summer Night at Bangkok City

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The experience I decided that I wanted Thai food tonight, and I wanted Thai food that I know I like.  I offered up either Royal Thai or Bangkok City.  Ogre chose Bangkok City, we ate here pretty frequently when Ogre lived off Lower Greenville before we got married and had all these kids!   Ogre ended [...]

The experience I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant that was suggested to me by a colleague for quite some time and decided tonight was the night to do it!  After all, we are coming up on our last month of childsplate!  I had to wait for Benji to awaken from his nap before rounding [...]

Phipps IV at Jasmine II

In: 3 stars, Dinner, Lunch, Plano, Thai

The experience So, I’m still not feeling 100% and really only wanting to eat things like soup or mild stuff like that.  We had to wait on Mina to come from choir class, which always makes Wednesdays a late night out eating.  I decided that I’d go for some Tom Kha and since we needed [...]

Phipps Go to Mango Thai

In: 3 stars, Dallas, Dinner, Lunch, Plano, Thai

The experience Tonight I had an overnight at the hospital so like every other time this happens, we have to eat early so that I can get to my shift on time.  I left my parents’ house at 5:30 realizing that it’s 5:30 and that there’s traffic.  I called Ogre, at his request, when we [...]

3 Star of Siam

In: 3 stars, Dallas, Dinner, Lunch, Thai

The experience Today I had the day off so we decided to take Benji out to lunch with us.  We decided we’d eat a quick, casual lunch at the place tauted as having the best Pad Kee Maw, which is Ogre’s favorite Thai dish.  We drove down to Star of Siam, which Ogre passed as [...]

The experience It’s a slippery slope, my friends.  The suggestion by Ogre’s best friend, Dusty, was to go to Pei Wei…his treat, he received a $50 gift card for Christmas.  Ogre’s argument, Mina and I went to PF Chang’s.  Now, I am not going to deny my sweet little girl a restaurant because it’s chain-y.  [...]

The Experience Today, I would be babysitting Benji all day so I figured I’d get the meal out of the way early.  So while out running errands in Garland, I called to see if Grace would be available for lunch.  No.  So I had to decide quick on a place.  I just happened to be [...]

The experience Ahh, another night at the hospital for me tonight, which meant that we’d have to eat dinner early so I could eat dinner with my little family.  I gave Ogre the choice of BBQ or Asian food, he chose Asian Food.  He picked a restaurant close to our house so that we could [...]

The experience Today my workload was a lot less than anticipated.  I needed to sign some charts at Medical City and decided to do that and meet my friend Carolyn nearby for lunch.  Ogre and I didn’t have a baby sitter for Benji today, so I picked him up before I headed to the hospital [...]

We Strolled Down Noodles Ave.

In: 4 stars, Dallas, Dinner, Lunch, Plano, Thai

The experience Today I needed to run some errands at Willow Bend Mall and had plans with the kids around dinnertime, so Ogre and I decided to take Benji out to lunch with us.  Mina was in school today and, once again, we were short a Phipps. Dusty, though not as girly or cute, would [...]

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