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Now What?!

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A lot of people have asked us what our plans are now that the 365 days are over…  

Going on vacation!

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We’re headed out to Galveston today, will be back Sunday night.  I don’t think we’ll have internet access while we’re gone, so I’ll have to catch up on posts next week!  Hopefully we’ll find some tasty treats in Galveston!

For You European Cafe & Delicatessen

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Coming soon I promise…tomorrow (5th)

New Orleans Sandwiches

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place holder for ogre.

The experience So we’d be eating without Dr. Mom tonight so I figured on something quick, easy, and nearby.  After so many months of this, those pickings were getting slim.  I finally settled on Schlotzky’s and Dusty decided to tag along.  I went by and picked up the kids from Lala’s house and we were [...]

The experience Ogre has had a hankering for Del’s Charcoal Burgers for a few days now and planned to take Benji here for lunch a few days ago.  I’ve been working downtown the last few days and made plans to meet them for lunch.  Ogre called me and I made sure everyone was tucked in [...]

The experience Yesterday, we asked Mina where she wanted to eat before her Kindergarten graduation.  This is where I made a parenting error.  I did not give her choices, I left it open-ended.  Her reply?  “Silver Fox Steakhouse.”  Wha??  Ogre and I tried to redirect to cheaper other restaurants.  No go.  Silver Fox Steakhouse.  Well, [...]

We’re Going On Vacation!

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Ok, guys, Team Phipps is headed to the Dominican Republic! We’re a little behind on posting our adventures.  Ogre needs to write the one from 5/9: Wienerschnitzel.  I have the one from 5/10 written but not yet with pics: Nakamoto and I need to write yesterday’s 5/11: Hooters and tonight’s 5/12 Greek Isle! We’ll still [...]

The experience Today Ogre was complaining of a migraine, so we left him at home.  I picked up the kids and headed out to dinner.  My parents were very concerned with this outing of mine wishing me luck on my lonesome adventure.  I didn’t have a plan.  I actually hoped that there’d be a Korean [...]

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