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Huong Ly

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We can’t find the cord to download pictures of the sony camera, so no pics for now.  Sorry! The experience Ogre keeps threatening me with eating at Whataburger.   I think that would make me sick if I ate there right now.  I countered with “I need to eat soup.”  I won.  We ended up at [...]

Phipps Have Pho at Pho Mac

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The experience A couple of late admissions made me late getting home, which made Ogre and I late picking up the kids for dinner and, of course, late getting out to dinner.  We decided we’d do Pho Mac as I had a craving for pho after reading a thread on one of my mommy forums [...]

Phipps 4 at Pho 2828

In: 3 stars, Dinner, Lunch, Plano, Vietnamese

The experience Since Ogre and I ate lunch ridiculously late today, we were not really in the mood to eat until later in the evening.  We also had to wait for Mina to come home from church.  That put us out at nearly 8 o’clock for dinner.  We decided that something light and quick would be in order [...]

The experience It was another on the fly decision for what to eat today.  I had to round this morning.  Ogre doesn’t really like breakfast, so I tell him I’m okay with lunch since I had a pumpkin loaf slice and coffee this morning.  We decide to have Asian food and Ogre heads to The [...]

The experience Mommy, M.D. was working an overnight shift at the hospital again and I had a Tom Petty concert to attend so, dinner was early this evening  (Oma and Grandpoo were babysitting) .  That also meant staying in the area.  Grace suggested Pho Que Huong before she left for work.  Sounds like a plan. We arrived [...]

The experience I am embarassed to say that we have driven past this restaurant at least a thousand times and have never given it the time of day.  A few days ago, we were surfing the restaurant review sites looking for “the best” and came across Zander’s House as one of the top rated restaurants [...]

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